Alpha Foods is a win for vegans: Burritos, pizza, more


Alpha Foods has long been providing meal options for vegans or those seeking a healthier lifestyle. The company recently launched even more products, are they any good? Let’s bite right into it!

Alpha Foods was kind enough to send several of these meals to me for review. Though I’m not a vegan, I’m never one to turn down food, especially one that has the potential of being a game-changer for vegans. Besides, who better to test these products to be sure they are delicious and close to the real thing, right?

Are Alpha Foods burritos and pizzas as tasty as they look? Below is our ranking of all five meals, why, where you can find them, and how they truly taste.

Alpha Foods photo Sandy C.

#1 The Alpha Nugget

From them all, Alpha Foods’ chicken nuggets take the crown, easily. Let’s just say my very picky eater loved these! And if any food passes the kid-test, you’re a winner. The Alpha Nuggets are small bite-size treats perfect for a snack or to add to your meal. We prepared these in the oven and they came out super crispy!

#2 The Alpha Pizza

You may think it’s tough to mess up a pizza, but it actually isn’t. It only takes the wrong layer of cheese or sauce to take away all the pleasure in its taste. Thankfully, that isn’t the case here. Sure, there’s no pepperoni or ham, but the ingredients hold their own.

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The Alpha Pizza tastes fresh and it is very filling, a personal size pizza that’ll get you through your next meal feeling satisfied. And the sauce is one of the best I’ve tasted!

#3 The Alpha Tamale

I was the most curious about this one. How was Alpha Foods going to tackle a tamale? Those are already not easy to find, not great ones anyway. Well, I have to say the Alpha Tamale isn’t half bad! Like the pizza, the tamale is very filling and even more flavorful. You have to try the green chili sauce, that’s what completely makes this tamale so great. Tip: Definitely cook this in the oven for the best taste.

#4 Handheld Pot Pie – Chick’N Veggie

I can best describe Alpha Foods handheld pot pie as broccoli in bread. What the bread wraps inside just isn’t very flavorful, the glazed broccoli completely takes over and other than that it’s pretty bland. Still, if you know going in what this will taste like, you may not be disappointed. I would still prefer the tamale, pizza, or nuggets over the pot pie any day, though.

#5 The Alpha Burrito — Philly

There’s nothing terrible about The Alpha Burrito, but there’s nothing great about it, either. I was hoping the mushrooms or green peppers would stand out, but it’s really just like eating beans in a tortilla.

Please note: For the best taste, I suggest you pop these in the oven instead of the microwave. However, these are also made for vegans on the go and can be microwaved. The choice is yours!

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Where to find Alpha Foods? Check Kroger! I always find a decent variety of Alpha Foods meals here. But why not have Alpha Foods check for you? Go to their Store Finder locator page and enter your zip code for a search to locate your nearest shop.

Find what else Alpha Foods has to offer on their site