Nickelodeon is opening a Good Burger, will it taste like nostalgia?


Nickelodeon is making dreams come true by opening a Good Burger location! Will it be ‘All That’ we have always dreamed it would be?

Can you imagine the surrealness and nostalgia of growing up watching All That on Nickelodeon and now being able to actually go in to have a Good Burger meal? The network will soon make this possible, and it’s not the first time they bring a TV location to life.

The same team currently working on Good Burger opened Saved by the Max, a Saved by the Bell- inspired restaurant. Now, Good Burger will be taking over that location (West Hollywood 7100 Santa Monica Blvd.), and fans are not complaining!

“Good Burger” a sketch segment part of Nickelodeon’s series All That, starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, will soon come to life as a pop-up restaurant that will be open through 2019. When will it be open for business? July 10!

Check out the announcement for the pop-up in the video below: 

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Part of the menu will be Good Burgers, Good Chunks, and, of course, Good Shakes. And you can’t forget about the famous secret sauce! You must try it all.

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There’s a big reason for Good Burger coming to life, and that’s the return of All That, which recently premiered on Nickelodeon. When you think about it, there’s no better way to celebrate. 90s kids will surely be watching, as well as a whole new generation.

It’s going to be a big celebration and special guests will be in location to take photos with fans. There will also be games to participate on.

Want to check out Good Burger yourself? You can’t just show up as the restaurant is expecting a big crowd. To get a burger, visit Good Burger online to buy your ticket! Sales begin today, June 17, at 10 a.m. PT — don’t wait on it!

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If the people behind the counter at the restaurant are not as animated as the sketch, it won’t be the same, though! Let’s hope the location hires a fun staff, real fans of the show. Hey, I volunteer! Will work for free burgers.

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Will you be reserving a spot and being one of the first to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity? You know we will! Sound off in the comments which sketch from All That was your favorite!