Jessica Jones is the worst foodie on TV


There are many TV characters who are foodies we can only aspire to be, but when it comes to the worst, Jessica Jones probably takes the crown.

Cookie Monster (Sesame Street) is a cookie connoisseur, Joey (Friends) eats at a record-speed and knows more about pizza than we’ll ever learn, and no one knows donuts like Homer (The Simpsons). These are only a few TV characters who make us feel super hungry when we watch. But one character who will quickly shut your appetite down is Jessica Jones from Netflix’s Jessica Jones. 

Over at our sister-site Hidden Remote, we wrote about how dangerous (and gross) Jessica’s diet of Red Bull and whiskey is. Well, the series debuted its third and final season just earlier this month and not much has changed! Jess is back to her old ways, despite a health scare.

Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the series! 

Jessica Jones and alcohol still go hand in hand in Season 3 of the series, but an injury (thanks to Salinger) causes her to lose her spleen, which turns out to be a very important part of your body. Before, thanks to her powers, Jessica was able to quickly digest the alcohol and it took a large amount of it to do anything to her system.

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However, now that she has no spleen, she needs to be a tad more careful with her diet. This means cutting down on the amount of alcohol she drinks and eat more actual FOOD. To Jess, this means “the cheapest” food item at the nearest vendor on her street. What about good flavor, Jess? We never go for the cheapest thing when it sacrifices taste!

Later, she commits another foodie crime: eating a cold burger. Gross! Her love interest this season (sorta), Erik, claims to be able to make one hell of a burger. Unfortunately, Jess goes to the hospital before Erik finishes cooking it. He does leave it in the fridge for her to eat later, though.

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Once Jessica leaves the hospital, she finds it, takes it out and gives it a big bite. Just like that, just out of the fridge. She tells Erik she liked the burger, but how can you even enjoy it stone-cold? No thanks!

Had she at least popped it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, it would have tasted so much better. If you know Jessica Jones well, though, or even only a little bit, you know she couldn’t care less about her diet. So long as she is alive and it’s enough to keep her going, she’s fine.

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Have you watched the latest and final season of Jessica Jones? Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Which character on TV do you believe is the worst foodie? Is there someone who tops Jess? 

If you’re a true foodie, be sure to keep checking back for the latest foodie news and deals! Searching for a show on Netflix that truly appreciates a food? Watch The Chef Show with Jon Favreau.