Burger King is appealing to all the Unicorn fans out there


Unicorn fans need a place to go for food and Burger King is meeting the demand as they introduce Unicorn Food to their fast food menu.

A mystical creature of much wonder. The Unicorn can only be found in the most distant of lands. Far from civilisation. Or Burger King. You can find Unicorns in Burger King.

Yes, you did read that right. Burger King has gone and brought Unicorns to the menu, in the form of food.

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It is being described by the fast food giants as a most unique shake and can be found in locations in both Spain and Portugal. Unfortunately, that is the only places where they are being sold at the moment. Hopefully one day the reach will be extended across the seas to the US. For now, though, you might want to start planning your next holiday.

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So, the Unicorn Shake is as you would expect. A shake that represents the magical creature, horn and all.

The shake itself is fairly standard, although it does come in a variety of different ingredients. Those who purchase the Unicorn Shake can expect layer upon layer of vanilla and blueberry. It is then all topped off with some whipped cream and sprinkles.

In terms of the horn, they’ve gone and taken a fairly standard sugar cone, flipped it upside down, and stuffed it into the whipped cream.

This is the first time, at least to our knowledge here at Guilty Eats, that Unicorn themed drink has not made its way to the US. Normally they have arrived without question. Fingers crossed this is nothing more than an oversight and we will see the new Burger King Unicorn Shake arrive.

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What do you think of the intriguing drink? Would you like to see it introduced over here? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.