Blue Point Brewery is a destination stop on Long Island you won’t want to miss


If you are looking for some place new to explore in New York, then you have to give the Blue Point Brewery on Long Island a chance. From the beer to the food, this is an experience every beer lover should experience.

When it comes to foodie experiences, there are actually a lot of opportunities to try new things and explore everything from new cuisines to the drinks that accompany them. And if you happen to be looking for something interesting and delicious to do, why not check out a brewery, such as the Blue Point Brewery on Long Island?

Even if you are not a true beer connoisseur, a brewery like Blue Point is a must visit thanks to the unique stories, live music, and of course the food.

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I had the opportunity to visit the Blue Point Brewery just in time for the Independence Day weekend, and I have to admit it was the kind of experience I would enjoy doing again. While the new brewery location has only been open since April of 2019, the brewery itself was founded in 1998. And with just over 20 years of experience, they definitely know what they are doing.

While we may think about a brewery experience as being all about drinking beer, there is so much more to it than that (even though there is plenty of beer to drink on tap). At Blue Point Brewery, it is all about community and it is evident just by sitting at a table and people watching.

Whether it is the people who work their recognizing regulars or the friends who hit up the brewery for their own time together, this stop in Patchogue, New York is one that has to be experienced at least once.

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Not only are there plenty of beers to try, but you can even take home a growler of your favorite ale. There is a full menu that includes a raw bar featuring oysters (and a master shucker with his own unique story and plenty of knowledge about oysters to keep you intrigued for hours). And as an added bonus, there are sweets on the menu that are made by the founder of the brewery’s wife. (Talk about a family experience right there.)

And let’s not forget the fact that this a brewery so we have to talk about the beer at least for a little bit. Not only is the company’s flagship beer, Toasted Lager, readily available, but there are plenty of other options on tap as well, including Rocket Fool (a pina colada IPA), Dragons with Matches (a smoky scotch ale that has such a unique flavor that you will want to keep drinking it), and The IPA (which is a classic IPA that reminded me of many classic beers but with a smoother finish).

Honestly, you could hit up Blue Point Brewery every weekend for a year and have a new experience or beer every time. The fact that they seem to be constantly crafting new beers and honoring special occasions makes it impossible to get bored on a trip here.

And the fact that there is a story for every brew and even the location of their brewery has its own history (it started life as a lace mill before becoming a college), means that if you are looking to be entertained or learn something new, this is the place for you.

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Having had the chance to sample a few of the brews on tap (and canned) means that I can assure you that Blue Point Brewery is a must visit for any beer lover looking for a new experience. And even if you are a more casual beer drinker, it is still worth heading to Long Island to try something new.