Four Peaks partners with the Arizona Cardinals for their new Red Bird Lager


Four Peaks brewing has partnered with the Arizona Cardinals on their latest offering, the Red Bird Lager. And we are here for this new brew.

We love when breweries unveil new beers in their roster. And this time we have Four Peaks brewing, which is celebrating the 100th year of the NFL with their latest beer, the Red Bird Lager.

In honor of this “Fantennial,” Four Peaks brewery has teamed up with none other than the Arizona Cardinals and introduced a lager inspired by the Red Sea (also known as the Cardinal fan base). And while there is a lot to love about a beer inspired by fans of the Cardinals, it also helps that the flavor profile of this brew is something we can all love and appreciate.

With the Red Bird Lager, Four Peaks is giving fans a beer that is a typical amber lager. Not only does it have a crisper finish, but it also gives you a malt with a lightly toasted flavor profile. The goal with this lager is to have a brew that is just as good at kickoff as it is when the game ends.

According to the brewers at Four Peaks:

"“Red Bird Lager is an amber lager with a toasty malt flavor. The Cardinals fan base is affectionately known as the Red Sea; what more appropriate beer to offer them than a red lager?”"

The Red Bird Lager is set to officially launch on August 26, which is exciting news for Arizona Cardinal fans looking for a beer to enjoy all season long. And fans looking to snag this new brew will be able to enjoy this lager not only at pubs offering Four Peaks beers, but also at locations around Arizona.

If you want to pick up the aluminum bottles of this new beer, and you are in Arizona, you can even hit up select grocery stores.

We love the fact that the brewery teamed up with the Arizona Cardinals on their newest brew, as it seems like a perfect match. From the fan inspiration to the design of the aluminum bottles, the Red Bird Lager is a must try for the new NFL season.

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