GrubHub settles the Battle of the Chicken Sandwich debate with pure data


The Battle of the Chicken Sandwich took over Twitter between the various fast food restaurants last week. GrubHub settled the debate with pure data.

It’s time to settle the Battle of the Chicken Sandwich debate for good. A week after it all began thanks to Popeyes’ newest menu item, GrubHub has settled the debate with raw facts.

And it’s not just about the chicken sandwich. GrubHub even shared data on the best side dish and even when people are more interested in eating the sandwiches. It’s time to settle the debate.

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So, is it Popeyes? How about Chick-fil-A or even Wendy’s and Shake Shack? It turns out the Pelicana Chicken in Brooklyn is the favorite spot for chicken sandwiches, according to the GrubHub stats. That’s right; it’s not even any of the fast food joints that were getting into the debate on Twitter.

Pelicana Chicken does come with 36 years of experience in making the spicy fried chicken sandwich, so that isn’t really all that surprising. There’s a love for southern-style cooking.

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Surprisingly, none of the chains getting involved in the Twitter war even rank in the top five of spicy chicken sandwiches. Bok a Bok Fried Chicken, Dirty Bird To-Go, The Monk’s Kettle, and Concrete. You can’t beat the data!

GrubHub went into more details about the best chicken sandwich. Well, more to the point, the best side with the spicy meal. It turns out that coleslaw is the number one choice. In case the spice on the chicken wasn’t enough, spicy coleslaw is the second choice, followed by sweet potato fries, mixed greens, and Caesar salad. It looks like people really do prefer the healthier choices!

Finally, GrubHub went into the places that love the spicy chicken sandwiches the most and the time of year people prefer to eat the. The spring and summer months are the most popular time, while West Virginia, Utah, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Kansas are the places that prefer their spicy chicken grub.

So, move over Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Pelicana Chicken has taken the No. 1 spot.

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What’s your favorite spicy chicken sandwich? Which sides do you choose? Share in the comments below.