Someone is suing Popeyes because they ran out of the new chicken sandwich


One man is so angry that he didn’t get one of the Popeyes new chicken sandwiches that he’s suing the brand. Yet they’re going to be back soon!

Popeyes confirmed that it’s ran out of the new chicken sandwich. One man is so angry about it and obsessed over the sandwich that he’s going to sue the fast food brand. However, we have to point out that the sandwiches are so popular that Popeyes has already said it’s bringing them back!

According to Times Free Press, Craig Barr is suing Popeyes for $5,000 in damages for false advertising. When he couldn’t get a sandwich from his closest restaurant in the chain, he decided to drive to other locations. During the journey, he damaged a rim on his car, which is part of the damages he wants repaid for.

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Barr says that the chicken sandwich is all that he can think about. He needs one and is angry that the store ran out of them, shocked that Popeyes could run out of chicken. I guess he didn’t hear of the time KFC in Britain ran out of all chicken—literally all chicken.

According to the complaint, Barr believes that the business has been acting deceptively. He may not have a leg to stand on when this was always meant to be a limited time offer. Popeyes did have enough sandwiches to last until the end of September, but didn’t expect the demand to be so high. Lines were outside of the buildings and around corners because people needed to get their hands on the new additions.

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The good news for Barr and countless others is that the chicken sandwich is going to return. Popeyes has confirmed that it will be back as a regular menu item. After all, the limited offer was to see if there was a demand for the new addition, and that’s exactly what there is!

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Did you get your hands on one of the Popeyes sandwiches? What did you think of them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.