Nick Jonas worked on a Tequila with the people behind Stoli Vodka

The people behind Stoli vodka are working with Nick Jonas to create a new Tequila. And we are already obsessed with this new liquor.

Anyone who knows liquor knows that Tequila is big business. And so it makes sense that many celebrities are getting into the liquor business in some way. So of course, Nick Jonas is putting his name behind a brand new Tequila from the makers of Stoli.

According to Fortune, Jonas is not alone in this endeavor, as he and John Varvatos (the well-known designer of menswear) have helped to found the newest Tequila to hit the market, Villa One. While this new Tequila is already offering up three expressions in its debut, depending on how well this launch is, we could be seeing even more from the partnership.

At this time fans of Nick Jonas (over the age of 21, of course), can choose between Villa One Silver, Villa One reposado, and Villa One añejo. Each bottle will cost anywhere from $45 to $60, making it a worthy addition to the higher end lines of Tequila. In fact, the goal is to have Villa One act as a great alternative to brands such as Diageo’s Casamigos.

Even with Villa One having already been launched, there are not a lot of details that have been released about the partnership between Varvatos, Jonas, and Stoli. However, we do know that John Varvatos and Nick Jonas have an equity stake in the new Tequila, meaning that in the future they will be eligible to receive profits from the sale of Villa One.

It makes sense that Jonas and Varvatos would be working together on a new Tequila, as these two have partnered together in the past. And while it may not have been on something like this, they still have a solid working relationship from partnering on both a fragrance and a fashion line.

As a fan of Nick Jonas, there is no question that we want to know more about Villa One. And of course, who doesn’t love a good shot of Tequila during a night on the town. So it just makes sense that we need to give Villa One a try at some point. Now, it is just about determining which expression we want to indulge with.

Are you surprised that Nick Jonas has partnered with the makers of Stoli on a new line of Tequila? Do you want to try Villa One? Tell us what you think in the comments.