Thirsty Thursday: Loopy Vodka from Three Olives is a chance for childhood nostalgia


When it comes to finding the right drink to indulge with on Thirsty Thursday, you may not think of Fruit Loops, but with Loopy Vodka from Three Olives you will.

Thursday is usually the day we start our weekend celebrations with amazing drinks and even happy hours, but sometimes you want to try something new to get the party started right. And if you happen to be a fan of Fruit Loops, then you won’t want to miss Three Olives’ Loopy Vodka. This is nostalgia in an adult format.

When it comes to the perfect adult beverage, vodka is the epitome of class and drink building. With the help of Loopy Vodka, you can indulge in a way that is both tasty and fun.

If you grew up eating a bowl of Fruit Loops on Saturday mornings, then you remember the fruity smell that accompanied every bite. And when you open a bottle of Loopy, you will find yourself transported back to those carefree days. While Three Olives Vodka points to the lemon and lime in the vodka when it comes to the sniff factor, we can’t help but get a more fruit loving bouquet every time we smell this vodka.

Beyond the way it smells, there is of course the ever important taste factor. And if you enjoy vodka on the rocks, have no fear as Loopy is a great choice. We are talking fruity notes that include hints of cherry and sweet lime. Of course, there is also the lemon and orange to balance those flavors, giving you a truly divine and nostalgic experience, even as you indulge in the ultimate Thirsty Thursday adult beverage – vodka.

But what if you are not a straight vodka drinker? Perhaps you prefer a mixer with your alcohol. There is nothing to worry about, as not only does Three Olives have a recipe for that with their Loopy Sour, which brings together the vodka with both lime and cranberry juice.

However, that is not the only way to enjoy your Loopy with a mixer. Other ways to get the most out of your vodka include mixing it with cherry and lime juice (which is a combination I recommend), adding it to watermelon juice, or even pairing it with a lemonade. Honestly, this is the kind of liquor that pairs well with others or at the very least is a great mixer with any number of fruity beverages.

While you may not think of Fruit Loops as being an adult flavor profile, when you turn those flavors into a vodka, it is amazing what can happen. Not only do you get the sweet memories of Saturday morning cartoons, but the delicious indulgence of an adult hitting the town with friends.

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We love a good Thirsty Thursday cocktail and if that happens to come courtesy of Loopy Vodka then it feels like we are winning. Three Olives Vodka clearly knew what they were doing when they created this flavor of vodka and for that we are thankful.