How much do the employees at Trader Joe’s make?


A recent report is revealing how much Trader Joe’s employees are making, and now we know why they’re always so happy to help!

Leave it to Delish to bring us the tastiest scoop on the latest foodie finds! But now, they’re also reporting how much bacon employees over at Trader Joe’s take home, and we’re all nosy and rushed to learn the details! Thinking about applying to work at your local Trader Joe’s? Here’s the scoop!

According to sources Delish and Business Insider, pay differs per location, with the most popular stores paying their employees more money than those who aren’t as busy. So, on top of getting 10% off of groceries, the employees walking the aisle ready and happy to assist are taking home anywhere between $18 to $30. Again, it all depends on the location. Still, that average is not bad at all.

Managers are also happy to, well, manage, with anywhere from $88,086 to over $111 thousand annually. Finally, crew members don’t have it too shabby, either, averaging $15 per hour, depending on location (some make $20 an hour). That’s a pretty penny for working at a happy and delicious place!

There you have it! Would you have guessed these numbers or are you surprised? 

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