Trader Joe’s just made taco night so much easier (and fun)


Taco Tuesday? With Trader Joe’s new taco kits, it can be Taco Night any night of the week!

The massive retailer Trader Joe’s is too kind to us. First, they bring back Cotton Candy Grapes early (yes, these are very much a thing) as well as adding high protein, low calorie ice cream to their freezers. And now, well this might be the best deal of them all — taco kits!

Taco night just became more fun, no other Taco Tuesday can be beat with one of Trader Joe’s Taco Kits! What are they, how soon can you get them and for how much? We have all the information you are searching for, below…

Trader Joe’s grocery stores now have Beef Sirloin Taco Kits, we learned via Trader Joe’s Bakersfield Instagram. These are available now and priced at $10 each. What do they include? Everything you need to have an amazingly delicious taco night: tortillas, cheese, guacamole, jalapeno, a side of salsa, and, of course already-marinated-ready-to-cook beef sirloin.

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Throw the meat in a hot pan while preparing everything else you need and sit down to enjoy. Though the packaging does read “4 easy steps,” not sure what the others are but will find out soon.

How many tacos can you enjoy with this kit? There are enough goodies to make six tacos, so invite a friend (or don’t, we’re not here to judge) and enjoy!

If you’re disappointed about having to cook this yourself, just remember you are getting six tacos, salsa included, for only $10. That’s not a bad deal at all. I do wish cilantro and tomatoes were included, though. It would be more time consuming, however, if you were to buy each ingredient separately.

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Have you tried one of these taco kits? Let us know if they are any good. Either way, we’ll likely give them a try soon to find out for ourselves.