Golden Road Brewing is hiring someone to watch football and promote their beer

Photo: Golden Road Brewing's Whose House?! Blonde Ale.. Image Courtesy Golden Road Brewing
Photo: Golden Road Brewing's Whose House?! Blonde Ale.. Image Courtesy Golden Road Brewing /

If you could watch football, drink beer, and get paid would you do it? The answer is probably going to be yes. And Golden Road Brewing knows that.

What goes better together than beer and football? The answer is likely nothing. And Golden Road Brewing is hoping to capitalize on this iconic duo.

It turns out that the brewery is looking to hire for a very special position, the Chief Beer Officer or CBO. If you are wondering what the CBO does, have no fear as we are here to explain how you could land a dream job this football season.

As part of a partnership with the Los Angeles Rams, Golden Road Brewing is looking to hire someone to not only watch football, but also promote their beer. In particular, they want their Whose House?! Blonde Ale, which is truly the beer of the Rams, to get some of that football season spotlight.

Not only will the CBO be responsible for watching every game, but they will have to promote the brewery as well. Now you may be wondering what’s in it for you. Well, we are glad you asked.

The CBO for Golden Road Brewing will not only get two tickets to every home game for the Rams, but they will also get paid $150 per game as well. That’s right, you are getting tickets to the game and actual monetary compensation to watch football and drink beer (and of course promote the brewery).

Check out this video from the brewery about their Chief Beer Officer position:

Golden Road Brewery is currently accepting applications for the position, with those interested in the job being asked to submit either a photo or video via Instagram. You will need to explain why you think they should hire you for the job of CBO. And it is important that, if you want the job, you act fast.

The application for this position is only open for one week, with the winner of the position being announced on September 27. (What are you waiting for?!) You can also check out the official job listing on LinkedIn, which certainly helps legitimize this particular role with Golden Road Brewing.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to get paid to drink beer and watch football for a season? And if you are a Los Angeles Rams fan, then this might just be the ultimate job for you. Of course, it also helps if you are a fan of Blonde Ales, as it is likely that drinking Whose House?! will definitely be a part of the job.

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I’m not sure about anyone else, but this feels like the ultimate job offer for football and beer lovers. And the fact that you not only get two tickets to every home game, as well as a salary, means that you really are getting paid to be a fan.