Blue Point Brewery’s beers all seem to have a story to tell


At Blue Point Brewery, there is a story for every beer brewed. Whether it is something simple or even more elaborate, every brew tells its own story.

Have you ever had the chance to sit down and learn the story behind your favorite beer? The answer might be a resounding no, but thanks to Blue Point Brewery, there are some very interesting stories that go along with their uniquely named brews.

From their Shore Thing and Dragons with Matches, to their Rocket Fool and Delayed, each of the beers at the brewery has its own story that is both fascinating and engaging. And while some stories are more in-depth and fascinating than others, each brew has a background that makes it more than just a delicious beer to indulge in.

After visiting Blue Point Brewery and having a chance to sit down and learn a bit more about the different beers on tap, it was fascinating to learn such fascinating details about where each beer came from. All it takes is looking at Shore Thing, which is not only a play on words, but is also made using sea salt mined from the shores of Long Island. Here is a beer that really is a “shore thing” and one sip was enough to make it a great option for a summer pool party.

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Then we have the Pinstripe Pilsner, a brew that is all about baseball. In fact, I feel like the name alone tells this beer’s story. This particular brew is all about the Yankees and was originally only available at the ballpark.

However, now baseball fans are going to be able to snag a beer and watch the game from the comfort of their own home. And if you want to go out, but are not heading to the park to watch the game, even select bars will have the Pinstripe Pilsner on tap.

From the name to what inspired the beer, the Rocket Fool is another brew with backstory. This beer is brewed with tart cherries, pineapple, and coconut, making it a Pina Colada IPA (once you try it you will either love it or hate it). Beyond the unique flavor profile of this beer, there is also the interesting inspiration that goes along with it.

Here is a beer that is actually inspired by an island – Fire Island that is. Honestly, this beer really will transport you to a summer of fun on an island that may be small, but all the locals know is mighty.

There are endless stories and inspirations when it comes to Blue Point Brewery and their assortment of brews, but perhaps my favorite has to be Delayed. If you are a New Yorker or have ever had the pleasure (all sarcasm included) of traveling on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR), then you know that delays are inevitable and a way of life. And during what many called the summer of hell, planned construction meant countless delays.

As part of a partnership with Shake Shack, Blue Point Brewery actually did a special event in Penn Station that debuted the Delayed beer. While a debut in Penn Station is enough to make you smile, along with the beer’s name of course, perhaps it is the can itself that will have anyone who has ever ridden the LIRR truly laugh out loud. Every sip will have you thinking of those train boards in the city, with the list of destinations on Long Island. And of course, every train is exactly as you would expect it, “Delayed.”

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Honestly, it is just as much fun learning about the different beers as it is drinking them. And if you ever decide to head to Blue Point Brewery on Long Island, ask about what inspired the beer you are drinking. You never know what story you will end up hearing.