Oddly Satisfying: The best $1 fast food menu items


Cheap food doesn’t have to be awful! In fact, there are some surprisingly delicious $1 fast food menu items! Here are over 10 favorites.

Welcome to another edition of Oddly Satisfying! Below, we’ll be counting down the most surprisingly delicious $1 fast food menu items you can find at your favorite fast food joints. Check them out and be sure to let us know if we missed one that needs to be on the list!

Why does cheap food get such a bad rep? Sure, it may not beat a three-course meal, but there are many reasons why we may prefer to run through the drive-thru for a quick bite. For starters, we’re always on-the-go and there’s nothing better than this to grab something quickly. But let’s be honest, we still don’t want it to taste mediocre.

Thankfully, there are many fast food restaurants that offer $1 fast food items that hit the spot just right! From tacos, burgers, and more, here are over 10 favorite quick eats that are incredibly tasty! 

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Jack in the Box: Let’s begin with a personal favorite and obvious choice. Jack in the Box has delicious options! You can’t go wrong with their 2 for $1 tacos. Be sure to ask for the taco sauce and you’re all set. Craving a quick breakfast? Order their 8 mini pancakes for only $1.

Del Taco: At Del Taco, there’s almost no shortage of what you can find for $1 or under. One popular menu item is Del Taco’s mini bacon quesadilla, for when you need to satisfy a quick craving. You can also order a grilled chicken taco, double beef classic taco, or a Crunchtada Tostada for $1 each! Only wanting a regular taco? How does $0.60 cent sound?

Burger King: Some of the food items you’ll find on Burger King’s value menu include chicken nuggets, the Chicken Jr. sandwich, the classic cheeseburger, onion rings, and a vanilla soft serve!

Wendy’s: Speaking of vanilla soft serve, Wendy’s also has a delicious vanilla cone! And, though this isn’t only one dollar, Wendy’s does offer amazing 4 for $4 meal deals! Check them out, here.

Taco Bell: The Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla is a personal favorite. It’s not massive, just enough to hold you until your next meal. For a snack, how about Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists or Triple Layer Nachos?

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McDonald’s: Finally, there’s McDonald’s, which conveniently highlights $1, $2, and $3 menu options. We’re focusing on $1, though, so there’s the: Sausage Burrito, the McChicken, a regular cheeseburger, and any size soft drink!

What’s your favorite and go-to $1 menu item? Be sure to share with us so we may add it to the growing list!