Friday Favorite: Little Debbie’s Fudge Rounds are a nostalgic sweet treat

Little Debbie Fudge Rounds. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney
Little Debbie Fudge Rounds. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney /

There are some treats that stand the test of time better than others. Luckily Little Debbie’s Fudge Rounds have managed to be an ultimate Friday Favorite.

Over the years there are some treats that we can’t imagine not indulging in. We find ourselves feeling nostalgic as we remember good times and sharing that perfect bite with loved ones. And of all the sweet treats that have to top our Friday Favorites, it seems that Fudge Rounds from Little Debbie might be one of the best.

Not only are these sweet treats easy to eat, after all, they are more like a cookie than a piece of cake, but they give us a soft chocolate cookie sandwich with a creamy chocolate center. Think of Fudge Rounds as cake-like cookie sandwiches and you already know that you have made the right choice snagging these goodies off of store shelves.

For me Fudge Rounds are about more than just how delicious they are (and they really are delicious). It is about the nostalgia that surrounds them. It is also the fact that they still taste the same as they did when I was a child. And how rare is that?

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While it may be a lot harder to find Fudge Rounds in individual packs sitting in those pastry stands that always seemed to be prevalent in drug stores and gas stations years ago, it does still happen. And when it does, it is an instant reminder of being a kid and going to the corner store with my dad. Any time we went for milk or whatever else he was picking up, we would always pick up Fudge Rounds off the rack.

Once we made it home from the store, we would pour ourselves a glass of milk and break into our Fudge Rounds. We would sit on the porch, people watch the neighborhood, and enjoy our sweet treat.

These fudgy cookies are a reminder of simpler times and childhood memories. Ultimately, it is those memories that make the Fudge Rounds a Friday Favorite, because they are not only a delicious treat, but also a chance to be nostalgic in the best way possible.

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What’s your favorite sweet treat? Are you a fan of Fudge Rounds? What do you love about this cake-like cookie sandwiches? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.