Chipotle is running out of carne asada


Chipotle customers who want to indulge in carne asada may want to head to their local restaurant ASAP, as the popular dish is running out soon.

Carne asada may be new to the Chipotle menu, but it seems that the popular addition is running out already. In fact, it seems that this limited time offering is set to be gone from restaurants as early as mid-November.

According to CNN Business, it seems that the purpose of introducing the marinated steak to the Chipotle menu was to boost sales in stores, build more excitement for the brand, as well as bring in more customers. And it seems that they were able to achieve all three of these goals, which is why the company is okay with the fact that they will be running out of carne asada by early December at the very latest.

Even though the marinated steak was only introduced in September, it seems to have really been a hit with customers. But, having already achieved its goals of pulling in customers and boosting sales, the carne asada has “served its purpose.”

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As one of the first new offerings to be introduced to the menu since chorizo was reintroduced, it makes sense that customers would be excited by the chance to try something new. With so many customers loving carne asada, one might think that Chipotle would be worried that running out would be a bad thing.

However, while we might think that running out of a popular product would be a bad thing, the company hopes that this shows that they are able to be innovative with their menu. In fact, they are hoping that customers who came in for the marinated steak will continue coming in even once it has left the menu.

Of course, it was actually a good idea to make the carne asada a limited time offering when you think about the fact that the meat used to make the dish is actually rather expensive. And there is nothing that says Chipotle can’t bring this dish back in the future to satisfy customers’ cravings for this delicious offering.

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What do you think of the news that Chipotle is running out of their carne asada? Do you think they should leave this as a limited time offering? Tell us what you think in the comments.