Sour Patch candy canes are here with three delicious flavors in each box

Photo: Sour Patch Kids Flavored Candy Canes.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Sour Patch Kids Flavored Candy Canes.. Photo by Kimberley Spinney /

It’s the season of the candy cane and that means that not only are the classic flavors in stores, but so are some very special options including Sour Patch Kids candy canes.

We here at Guilty Eats have a thing for candy of all kinds. And one of the candies we have a special fondness for happens to be Sour Patch Kids. In fact, we have previously dedicated an entire feature to this candy as an underrated treat.

So whenever we see Sour Patch products out in the world, we definitely feel a sense of excitement and eagerness, especially if it means we get to indulge in this sweet and sour treat. And that’s why we have to share that excitement now that candy cane season is here.

As far as guilty pleasures go, the Sour Patch Candy Cane is definitely towards the top of the list. While it may not be the sour and sweet gummy shaped like a troublesome kid that we love, these candy canes still give us the same sensory experience, without the chewiness.

Although they may not be Christmas colors (technically, even if there is a green and white and green and red candy cane), these bright pops of color are still perfect for stuffing in stockings, hanging on trees, and generally decorating all sorts of things. And the fact that they come in three of our favorite flavors certainly adds to their overall perfection.

Seriously, as fans of Sour Patch Kids, how can you even think of passing up these candy canes? I know I can’t.

Honestly, I don’t even like sharing my Sour Patch Kids, so I am not even sure if I want to hand out the Sour Patch Candy Canes. In fact, forget stuffing stockings with these sweet treats, I think these will only go in one stocking this year – mine.

However, if you are feeling generous or have a friend who loves Sour Patch Kids as much as we do, then these are perfect as a touch of embellishment on that nicely wrapped present or even as a gift all on their own. And nothing says spirit of giving quite like finding a sweet treat that someone loves and making sure they can enjoy it even during the holidays.

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Are you excited to see Sour Patch Candy Canes back in stores? Will you be snagging boxes of these candy canes for yourself? Do you enjoy these as much as the regular gummy candies? Tell us what you think in the comments.