Let us all freak out over Oreos’ new 2020 flavors, shall we?

We have a new reason to freak out over 2020. Oreos is debuting not one, but two new flavors for the new year. Ah, next year will be a joy indeed.

Are you sitting down? Well, you should be as Oreos just dropped a huge flavor bomb on us.

According to Delish, the iconic cookie maker will debut not on, but two new flavors to ring in 2020: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut. Ah, I can barely contain my excitement over this news!

Personal admission: I am a huge Oreos fan.

I have eaten Oreos ever since I was a little kid, pulling apart the two cookies to like the white frosting, and then dunking the two, chocolate cookies into a glass of milk, which turned it into homemade Oreo milk. Anyone who has had a childhood knows the joy of eating Oreos, and that joy carries over into adulthood. My cabinet isn’t a cabinet without a package of Oreos.

The announcement of the two new flavors has fortified my love for Oreos even more.

Both will be wedges in between Oreo‘s classic chocolate cookie, but that’s where the similarities come to an end. The Caramel Coconut will be filled with caramel coconut cream and the Chocolate Marshmallow filled with a — you guessed it — a chocolate marshmallow filling.

In my humble opinion, I’m more amped for the Chocolate Marshmallow than the Caramel Coconut. Rest assured, I will try both and I don’t have a problem with caramel or coconut, but the Chocolate Marshmallow speaks to me and my childhood. Another fun fact: I was also a fan of marshmallows, which may very well explain why I’m more excited for the Chocolate Marshmallow Oreos than I am the Caramel Coconut.

Regardless, I feel fairly confident that the two new flavors will be slam dunks in milk for Oreo.

Let us all freak out.

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Are you excited for the new flavors of Oreo? Which one are you the most excited for? What’s your current favorite flavor? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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