Krispy Kreme has new donuts and hot cocoa for a perfect winter treat


Looking for a sweet way to warm up on a cold winter day? Krispy Kreme has you covered with their new donuts and hot cocoas. Check out the new flavors here.

What’s better on a cold winter day than a sweet treat and a cup of hot cocoa? Not much and Krispy Kreme seems to agree. According to Delish, up until Dec 1, they’re offering two new chocolate donuts they’re calling Duoghnuts because they combine two different flavors, and two flavors of hot cocoa. The only catch? These new items will only be available in the UK (sorry, everyone else!).

The first donut is Double Chocolate. It’s filled with a combination of chocolate brownie batter and white chocolate cream. It’s then dipped in white chocolate glaze and decorated with vanilla and chocolate swirls

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The second donut is Praline Cheesecake (are you drooling yet?). It has a praline cheesecake filling and is dipped in a milk chocolate glaze. It’s then drizzled with white chocolate icing. Yummm!

Both of these donuts are also topped with a chocolate star and a white and milk chocolate curl.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are also the two new hot cocoas: Praline Hot Chocolate and White Hot Chocolate. I’m not usually a hot cocoa fan but that praline flavor is calling to me. Both of these flavors will be perfect for warming you up when there’s a blizzard outside.

Since these new chocolatey treats are only available until the end of Nov, get them while you can and get as many as you can. You’ll also want to make sure your local Krispy Kreme is offering them because not all are (fingers crossed!)

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Which new winter treat looks the best to you? Do you want to try one of the donuts or one of the hot cocoas? Or both? Let us know in the comments below!