Are french fries disappearing? The truth about the #frypocalypse

Reports of a possible U.S. shortage of french fries have sent the internet into a potato panic. What will we do without America’s best snack?

French fries are a staple in the average American diet even if you don’t head to your local McDonald’s or Burger King to eat them.

Whether they’re home-cooked, served alongside a tasty burger, or delivered right to your door, fries are life. That’s why Twitter has been frantic this week about the possibility of losing its collective access to the world’s best form of potato.

Due to poor weather conditions in the U.S. and Canada, potato crops aren’t growing big enough to meet the demands of fry-hungry consumers around the world. Which means it’s possible there won’t be enough fries to go around — something many might consider a dire tragedy.

The U.S. will still reportedly have produced 13 billion pounds of potatoes by the end of the season — less than in 2018, but still. That’s probably more potatoes than you’ll eat in your lifetime. We can all make do, right?

So, is the #Frypocalypse really going to deprive you of the salty, crispy fries you might not be able to live without? Experts are confident that potato supplies aren’t going to run completely out. You’re probably not going to show up at McDonald’s demanding fries only to be turned away empty-handed.

But perhaps we can use this devastating circumstance as an opportunity to get more creative with our sides. Traditional french fries may seem irreplaceable, especially if you are a frequent consumer. They’re not your only option, though

The same way you can turn veggies into healthier noodles, you can turn non-potato plants into “fries.” Have you ever cut apple slices like french fries and dipped them in yogurt? It’s not even close to the same thing, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste delicious.

And sweet potato fries are the most underrated kind of fry in existence — and the closest thing you will get to a more classic fry. Baked and seasoned, and with the right dipping sauce (Ranch all the way), they almost taste and feel just like traditional fries. Almost.

If we were ever to run out of potatoes for good, after the periods of mourning and honorable moments of silence to remember our fallen friends, we could rebuild the fast food sides menu. We could survive. We would live on, even without the fried potato varieties that provide so much comfort to so many.

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You probably have nothing to worry about (yet). But it never hurts to have a plan in place in case disaster strikes.

What would you order if french fries were no longer an option?