Karbach Brewing delivered the perfect seasonal drink to end the holidays and we hope it returns

Photo: Karbach Brewing Co.'s Yule Shoot Your Eye Out.. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Karbach Brewing Co.'s Yule Shoot Your Eye Out.. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Karbach Brewing knows how to deliver when it comes to delicious craft beers and their seasonal offering, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, is the perfect example.

The holidays may be over, but if you can find cans of Karbach Brewing’s Yule Shoot Your Eye Out in stores, you definitely want to grab them while you can. When it comes to craft beers, Karbach definitely knows how to deliver on taste and uniqueness in terms of their naming the beers. And for their seasonal offerings, this is especially true.

Inspired by the classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out is a Red Ale that was brewed using Orange Peels for a smooth and crisp finish. Not only did the name draw me in (you have to love a good pun and play on words), but the can itself was so cool too.

From classic quotes and imagery to the flavor itself, every can of Yule Shoot Your Eye Out from Karbach Brewing is the gift that keeps on giving. And that’s why even though this craft beer might be going away (it is the end of the holiday season after all), we can only hope that it returns again.

Plus, if you are lucky enough to still find cans of this beer in stores, this is definitely the time to pick it up. Not only will it last you for a little while, but it is a great way to hold on to the magic of Christmas a little bit longer.

Karbach Brewing continues to deliver some of the best craft beers, and for that reason alone they are definitely my choice for perfect beer to end 2019 and kicking off 2020. Here’s hoping that Yule Shoot Your Eye Out returns to ring in the holidays next year as well.

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Did you get to try this seasonal beer? What did you think of this Red Ale? Do you hope Karbach Brewing brings it back in 2020? Tell us what you think in the comments.