Carb Lovers can stay in a very special Bread & Breakfast thanks to

Photo: Bread & Breakfast.. Image Courtesy
Photo: Bread & Breakfast.. Image Courtesy /

Do you love all things bread and carbs? Do you need a special getaway to celebrate that love of carbs? understands and wants to help with their Bread & Breakfast.

Carb Lovers rejoice!!! There is now the ultimate getaway available for a limited time thanks to The Bread & Breakfast is basically a carb lovers dream, as there is drool-worthy decor and edible bits everywhere the eye can see.

Not only does this Bread & Breakfast experience feature a breadboard (aka a headboard shaped like a slice of bread), but there is pillows that look like croissants, an alarm clock shaped like pizza, an egg blanket, lights shaped like baguettes, and so much more. And perhaps my favorite detail of this room is the fact that the people who stay here are “invited to take home a custom “Carbivore” embroidered robe and matching baguette slippers.”

I don’t know about you but this sounds heavenly. And I am obsessed with the Carbivore robe and baguette slippers. In fact, if I could get my hands on these two pieces alone I would be endlessly happy, even without a stay at this carb lovers‘ paradise.

Bread & Breakfast
Photo: Bread & Breakfast.. Image Courtesy /

But, that’s not all that makes this Bread & Breakfast the ultimate carb lovers destination. The room also features a mini bar that has been transformed into a bakery cabinet display. And inside that display there is an assortment of delectable goodies for you to choose from.

Reservations for the Bread & Breakfast from begin starting on Jan. 17, with stays being available from the 17th until Jan. 31. This Bread & Breakfast pop up is only happening in New York City (at least for now), and if ever there was a time to getaway, this would be it.

The room is $225 per night, and considering how delicious the entire experience will be, we are here for this.

Maybe it is just me, but this seems like paradise in NYC. Not only is the location amazing, but as a carb lover this seems like the ultimate experience. This is relaxation at its tastiest.

Bread & Breakfast
Photo: Bread & Breakfast.. Image Courtesy /

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What do you think of the idea of a Bread & Breakfast? Would you stay here for a night? Tell us what you think in the comments.