McDonald’s continues the chicken sandwich craze with…more chicken sandwiches

McDonald's new breakfast items, Chicken McGriddles and Chicken Biscuit, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's new breakfast items, Chicken McGriddles and Chicken Biscuit, photo provided by McDonald's /

If you’ve never had chicken for breakfast before, McDonald’s is finally giving you the excuse you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for.

The fast food world is still in the midst of a chicken sandwich craze, even months after Popeyes released a limited-time sandwich that made headlines  and had to bring it back again by popular demand. McDonald’s isn’t backing down from the challenge to create the most unique, on-brand spin on the classic chicken sandwich as possible. They have officially released two new menu items that build upon existing classic favorites.

The Chicken McGriddles sandwich is exactly what it sounds like — a classic McGriddles breakfast sandwich, but with crispy chicken added in. It’s already a hefty sandwich with maple-flavored griddle cakes. Add in that chicken filet and you might not eat again until dinner.

But wait, there’s more to try! McDonald’s is also rolling out a McChicken Biscuit — everything you love about a breakfast biscuit, but with warm, crispy chikcen between its two halves. Apparently, chicken is the new breakfast sausage. Sort of.

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Unfortunately, both of these sandwiches will only be available at select McDonald’s locations for a limited time. So make sure you grab one from your local restaurant before they’re gone forever.

Want a McDonald’s chicken sandwich for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner? The chain also offers an Artisan Grilled chicken sandwich, a Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich, and — how could we forget? — the McDonald’s chicken sandwich that started it all: The McChicken.

Are there more chicken sandwiches on the horizon for this fast food franchise? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you do eventually get tired of chicken filets sandwiched between glorified pieces of bread, you can also enjoy McNuggets, chicken tenders, and any of the four chicken-incorporated salads also on the menu.

More. Thanks to Red Robin, there’s another chicken sandwich option. light

The Chicken Sandwich wars continue. Who will be next to add a chicken sandwich to their breakfast menu?