Valentine’s Day gift ideas: From cute treats to extravagant presents

Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies
Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies /

Searching for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day? Cheryl’s Cookies and Simply Chocolate have a great and large variety of options available, while Bazooka Candy Brands carries must-have treats!

Guilty Eats loves the variety of options Cheryl’s Cookies and Simply Chocolate. They each make new food items available each holiday, including Valentine’s Day! There’s something for every budget and appropriate for any friendship. Are you in a new relationship? There are simple, yet thoughtful gifts available. Involved in something more serious? There are more expensive and elaborate presents.

On a budget? Bazooka Candy Brands is never one to fall behind on the latest trend or holiday-theme. From Ring Pops (of all sizes) to Juicy Drop Gummies, they have treats for small budgets that make big impressions.

Below, I quickly list a couple of treats I have tried, and a few other eye-catching gems! 

Valentine's Day
Photo: Bazooka Candy Brands, Ring Pops.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Giant Ring Pop and more

How about a Giant Ring Pop to truly make an impression? Your loved one (or even children at home) will LOVE this Giant Ring Pop. Just be sure they share it, there is enough to go around! Need something on the smaller side? Get a heart-shaped Ring Pop! They are individually packaged and come ready for you to personalize for your kids to give out in class at their Valentine’s Day party. You can also find these in red and pink colors that aren’t heart-shaped.

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Finally, Bazooka Candy Brands also has Juicy Drop Gummies, and they are perfect for sharing! There are two in each heart-shaped box and are as sweet (and sour) as ever.

The Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXOXO Mallet (from Simply Chocolate)

This is the perfect gift for someone you have been with for a while, someone you’d like to impress, or to enjoy as a family! The Pretzel Heart combines layers and layers of sweets all hugged and glued together by sweet white chocolate. Cracking this open reveals M&M’s, pretzel bits, chocolate cookie chunks, chocolate chips, sprinkles, waffle cone pieces, and more!

Cheryl’s Cookies Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies

These tiny treats is the perfect gift for anyone near and dear to you, from a friend to special someone. The Mini Valentine’s Day Crunchy Cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies come packaged in groups of 12. Each one is bite-size, heart-shaped, and decorated with stripes and polka dots.

Valentine’s Day Sweets Box or Cheryl’s Cookies Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Tin, photo courtesy Cheryl’s Cookies
Valentine’s Day Sweets Box or Cheryl’s Cookies Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Tin, photo courtesy Cheryl’s Cookies /

Valentine’s Day Sweets Box or Cheryl’s Cookies Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie Tin

Looking over Cheryl’s Cookies site, you’ll find many options, but two simple, yet adorable gifts are the Valentine’s Day Sweets Box and the Cookie Tin. Both are pretty much the same gift, you just select the packaging. Some even offer options to personalize the box.

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Check all the wonderful gifts from Simply Chocolate HERE! And Cheryl’s Cookies Valentine’s Day products HERE. Another great thing about both brands is that you can have these goodies delivered! So whether your loved one lives near or far, you can let them know you are thinking about them. Not to mention, this helps with last minute ideas!