Cheryl’s Cookies: These mini crunchy cookies are must-have Valentine’s Day treats!

Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies
Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies /

Cheryl’s Cookies is here to satisfy your sweet tooth needs this Valentine’s Day with their bite-size crunchy cookies!

We have praised Cheryl’s Cookies before. We’re a fan of a large variety of their products, but have a special place for the brand’s crunchy cookies. As I stated in a previous feature, I know I’m not alone when I say that I prefer crunchy cookies over soft and warm cookies any day! And bite-size treats are a favorite! They are so easy to snack on and make adorable gifts!

When it comes to holidays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day are the most popular in the food industry. Yes, I totally made that up myself, but I bet it’s true! Unlike a birthday, you can give multiple people gifts on Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

These are the only two holidays where you can buy gifts for as many people as you’d like. Any or all your family and friends. This Valentine’s Day, share the love with Cheryl’s Cookies Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies.

Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies
Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies /

These are not only delicious (and so tasty with a large vanilla iced coffee), but so cute! The cookies feature a simple design and are heart-shaped with either stripes or polka dots. These aren’t individually wrapped as their buttercream cookies are, but that’s because of their size. Plus, these mini treats look just fine packaged in groups of 12.

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Cheryl’s Cookies Mini Valentines Day Crunchy Sugar Cookies are perfect to share with your love or little sweethearts (one or two of these in your kid’s lunch box will be a delightful surprise!), or to give as a gift to a friend. Priced at $24.99, order them HERE.

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