Tostitos’ new avocado salsa might be even better than guacamole

Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg announce Tostitos Strips & Avocado Salsa, photo provided by Tostitos
Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg announce Tostitos Strips & Avocado Salsa, photo provided by Tostitos /

There’s no such thing as too many kinds of salsa. Especially when Tostitos makes salsa out of every millennial’s favorite fruit.

When you hear the words “avocado salsa,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe you try to picture the best salsa you’ve ever had with diced avocado sprinkled in. It’s quite possible you’re sitting here asking yourself: “Why?”

The good news is, avocado salsa — the name Tostitos has given to its latest creation — isn’t just a fancy brand name for some kind of spicy guacamole. Guacamole is amazing — there’s no denying that. But so is salsa. So if it’s not glorified guac, what is it?

It’s not guacamole. And it’s not salsa.

It’s guacamole and salsa all in one jar.

Well, technically, it’s salsa made with avocado — it has the same kind of “kick” you’re expecting, but it’s more like a dip than you might be used to. And that’s not a bad thing.

Admittedly, I was skeptical when I spotted Tostitos’ latest salsa variant for the first time. It’s very … green. And there’s a big difference between spreading avocado on toast and staring down into a jar of creamy, avocado-y dip (I ate a lot of pureéd food when I interned at a hospital and may not have completely recovered from the experience five years later).

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Thankfully, the avocado salsa pleasantly surprised me. It’s pretty much just like eating regular salsa, it’s just creamier because of the natural texture of the avocado. You have your small veggie pieces, your spice, and the perfect consistency for loading a mouthful onto a chip.

But it’s more versatile than that. If you’re not a chip-dipping kind of snacker, it’s also great on tacos and nachos. If you’re a fan of both salsa and avocado, once you try them together, you might never want to live without it ever again.

The final verdict: avocado salsa belongs in every fridge in America (yes, it’s better when chilled). Unless you don’t like avocados. Or salsa. In which case … are you OK?

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What was your first impression when you heart avocado salsa existed? is it something you’re willing to try? Let us know what you think.