Walmart’s newest ice cream flavors are perfect for our next binge watch

New Great Value ice cream flavors, photo provided by Walmart
New Great Value ice cream flavors, photo provided by Walmart /

As a fan of ice cream as a comfort food, the fact that Walmart has some new flavors to indulge with means I can enjoy icy margaritas or root beer floats!

Do you love ice cream and sherbet as much as we do? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely need to check out the freezer section of Walmart for their newest Great Value flavors.

Here’s the thing about snagging your ice cream from Walmart – you’re not going to break the bank if you grab all four new flavors. Seriously, at about $3 each, you are only dropping about $12 for four things of ice cream!

And with these four flavors, you’re going to want to give them all a try. We are talking about a Circus Cookie Ice Cream, a Root Beer Float Ice Cream, a Margarita Ice Sherbet, and a Mango Habanero Coconut Ice Cream.

Now, I don’t know about you, but all four of these sound delicious and I am especially excited by the Mango Habanero Coconut Ice Cream and the Root Beer Float. In fact, I would love to use the Root Beer Float ice cream in an actual Root Beer Float (cue the mind-blown emoji).

For the Mango Habanero Coconut Ice Cream, Walmart is letting us know now that this one is a “2 out of 3 on the pepper heat scale.” This ice cream gives us the kick we didn’t know we needed in a scoop of icy dessert.

And the Margarita Ice Sherbet is said to be like drinking a lemon-lime margarita but without the salted rim. If you want to make this a grown up treat, add your own tequila and you have a winner.

Finally, we have to show some love for that Circus Cookie Ice Cream, as it is inspired by those frosted animal cookies so many of us grew up with. It’s a sweet cream ice cream that’s swirled with these cookie pieces and that sounds decadent to me.

Honestly, I really am excited to give all four of these ice creams a try, and if I happen to use them to build other sweet treats with, then who can blame me.

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What do you think of these new ice cream flavors at Walmart? Which one can you not wait to try? Tell us what you think in the comments.