Walmart is giving us the Secret Sauces with the help of Hidden Valley

Photo: Hidden Valley Secret Sauces.. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Hidden Valley Secret Sauces.. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

When it comes to delicious flavors of ranch, Hidden Valley always delivers. And now they are giving us three Secret Sauces with the help of Walmart.

Hidden Valley is the home of delectable, creamy ranch goodness and nothing says creamy flavor more than amazing sauces. And luckily for us, they are giving us not one, not two, but three Secret Sauces.

And if you happen to love ranch as much as we do, then you have to snag these Secret Sauces from Walmart when they hit stores starting on April 1. Hidden Valley is giving us three distinct flavors that use a ranch base to give them the added flavor we want.

Up first there is the Original Ranch Secret Sauce which was definitely my favorite of the bunch. This is a cool and creamy flavor that works with everything from chicken tenders to french fries. As far as flavors, this one is more mild, but still vibrant. This is a sauce that really would work on many different food items.

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Up next there is the Smokehouse Ranch Secret Sauce. This one is a bit more of smoky flavor and I really believe this would make an epic dip for french fries and even burgers. While it is still a mild flavor, the smokiness is definitely a pop in your mouth.

Finally Hidden Valley couldn’t give us a set of ranch based sauces without offering a Spicy flavor. And I definitely enjoyed the Spicy Secret Sauce, as it was full of flavor while also delivering a nice kick of heat. I opted to try this sauce with chicken tenders and I would totally do it again!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from these Secret Sauces as they were all ranch based and looked the same. But I was pleasantly surprised by how unique each of these sauces actually were.

I can’t wait to head to Walmart to snag more of these sauces to have on hand as dips for more items such as chips and fries. These might just take the place of traditional ranch a bit more often.

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Are you a fan of ranch and ranch based sauces? Will you be giving these new Hidden Valley Secret Sauces a try? Let us know what you think in the comments.