What’s on the Rider: Singer Lucy Woodward on her must-have tour snacks and drinks

MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 26: Lucy Woodward and Charlie Hunter perform at Blue Note on September 26, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images)
MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 26: Lucy Woodward and Charlie Hunter perform at Blue Note on September 26, 2019 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images) /

Guilty Eats found out what’s on the tour rider of singer and songwriter Lucy Woodward.

We had the chance to speak to singer and songwriter Lucy Woodward. And as part of her chat with us, she revealed exactly what her must-haves are on her rider.

For those unfamiliar, a “tour rider” is the part of a performance contract where a performer gives the rules needed in order for them to fulfill their performance requirement. In more simple terms, the rider lists a performer’s requests and demands. It generally includes the catering expectations for artists, and believe you me, riders can often make for entertaining reads.

First signed to a major label as a teenager, Lucy Woodward has been through a lot within the music business. She experienced the “Jingle Ball” radio circuit, thanks to her hit song “Dumb Girls.” She has written a Top 40 hit for another artist, such as Stacie Orrico’s “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life.” She has sung alongside major artists like Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Carole King, Pink Martini, Randy Jackson, Gavin DeGraw and Joe Cocker. Woodward has also had the experience of reinventing herself a few times; after her early 2000s pop radio spell with Atlantic Records, she turned up the jazz for Verve Records with Lucy Woodward Is… Hot And Bothered.

A unique follow up to 2016’s Til They Bang On The Door, Music!Music!Music! is Woodward’s latest album, which was released last year. A collaboration with legendary guitarist Charlie Hunter, Music!Music!Music! was recorded in High Point, North Carolina with long-time Hunter collaborator Derrek Phillips on the drums. Woodward and Hunter will release their second collaborative album in Spring 2020 as featuring deep-groove-pocketed covers of tracks by Steely Dan, Mel Torme and En Vogue.

Lucy Woodward spoke with me, on behalf of Guilty Eats, about what’s currently on her rider. More on Woodward can be found online at her website.

“The road can be a crazy cyclical Groundhog Day bubble from morning to-night. This is a scene from my most recent tour in Europe,” she began. “Wake up at 4:00 AM, catch flight to next country, avoid caffeine at airport though you would totally kill for it, find any moment you can to nap on plane, land, check into hotel where the most delightful words to the human ear is ‘Ms. Woodward, your room is ready’ — you refrain from leaping over the counter to hug her — nap, shower, go to sound check.”

Continued Woodward before telling me her favorite items: “The one thing that you rely on throughout the day is snacks. When traveling in foreign lands, 99 percent chance you won’t be able to find your ‘normal’” snacking fare but you go with the flow, because that’s what riders are for! Sometimes it’s the most delightful spread and way more than what you asked for. Sometimes it’s a bit compromised. Regardless it’s always a surprise. This is what is in my rider as a good base.”

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Trader Joe’s “Soft & Juicy” Dried Mango

“The rush of the first bite’s sugar high hits hard. You kind of do an internal ‘ah.’ Nature’s fruit roll-up. It’s not candy it’s not candy, I tell myself.”

Trader Joe’s Veggies & Hummus

“This may sound boring, but when those cut-up sticks are fresh and crunchy, it wakes you up and keeps you light on your toes ’til dinner. If these are fresh, it’s usually a good sign that dinner at the venue will be too.” Sabra hummus also works just fine.

Cheese Plate With Nairn’s Crackers

“The problem with me and cheese is once I start, I don’t stop. I do a lot of hardcore singing so I don’t eat cheese before a show. Vocal cords can get really mad at you when you do that. The band normally digs into it and I pray there is some left at the end of the night. Nairn’s crackers, please, but any local cheese is a plus!”

Trader Joe’s “Nuts About Rosemary” Mixed Nuts

“The best protein for a vegetarian rider! I like them all in any shape, gender, can or jar. It’s the easiest thing to find in any country. They are the reliable best friend from the 2nd grade that’s always been there for you. You are solid until dinner or after the show with a handful of these babies. ‘Trek Mix nuts when possible.”

Green & Black’s Chocolate

“I’m not a snob. I don’t even know where to start, I love chocolate so much. In fact, I should probably take it off the rider because it can be a problem when there are gobs of it. The greatest moment awaits you the next day when you forgot that you took it back to the hotel after the show: you look in backpack, see that glistening little package looking up at you batting her lashes, you’re done. Anything ‘Green & Black’s.'”

Pukka’s “Three Ginger” Tea

“Lemon, ginger or Throat Coat; Throat Coat can be hard to find in Europe so I travel with it myself. Anything minty is no good for singers because it’s like an astringent and can be super-drying, though it feels good. I bring a pint glass of tea up on stage and take tiny sips throughout the show. I travel with a ziplock of PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold black English teas because that’s also hard to find unless you’re in the UK. I’m a little snobby with black tea, but I’m OK with it. Yogi’s ‘Ginger Lemon’ tea also works great.”

Room Temperature Flat Water

“I drink gobs of it. I try to drink a bottle upon arrival before sound check. A second between sound check and show. I drink it on stage and after the show — after I’ve had a glass of wine. Water is water, meh, boring.”

Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

“I don’t drink a lot on the road, especially when the shows are back to back. I like Pinot Noir because it’s light and harmless. Marlborough New Zealand also makes a great Pinot Noir.”

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Which of the items on Lucy Woodward’s rider are you also a fan of? What would you have on your own rider? Tell us what you think in the comments.