2020 Food Trends: What’s carried over from 2019 and what should we try today?

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Bulldogs' Burgers

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

It seems that every year there are food trends that start coming up. Some stick, some fade away. Let’s look at some 2019 food trends that have carried into 2020, and also some popular 2020 food trends that we should all try today.

In the year 2019, there seemed to be a ton of food trends that surfaced; a lot came and went and were forgotten. Let’s take a look at six of the most popular food trends that are still relevant and some popular 2020 food trends.

1. Plant-based meats

In 2020, I’ve seen more places start to introduce plant-based meats to their menus than I did in 2019. Some restaurants that jumped on this bandwagon are Dunkin Donuts (with their Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich), Burger King (with their Impossible Whopper), and KFC (with their Beyond Fried Chicken).

Personally, I’ve tried one of these things mentioned here: the Beyond Sausage Sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. While I thought it tasted pretty good, it still tasted nothing like actual sausage. I’ve also got one complaint about this particular sandwich; if you’re vegan (I’m not), you’ll have to make modifications to the sandwich. Personally, I feel that if you’re offering a plant-based menu item, that it shouldn’t have to be modified to fit into a vegan’s diet. Nonetheless, the sandwich was good; I’d probably try it again.

2. Spiked seltzers

Ugh. Unfortunately, this trend has carried into 2020. Personally, I feel that most spiked seltzers should’ve never even been made. I think they’re waaaay to overrated and have stuck around for far too long. They’re all the same and none of them are very good. Just stick to straight up vodka or straight up seltzer water. There’s no need to mix the two together.

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