Instagram adding buttons to order food and make donations to your favorite local restaurants

If you’ve ever been hungry while scrolling through Instagram, now’s your chance to be able to order food off the app and then donate to some of your favorite local restaurants!

On April 16, Instagram announced that they will be introducing gift card, food order, and fundraiser stickers and buttons that businesses and restaurants can easily add to their Stories and profiles.

Here’s what each of the buttons and stickers do:

  • Fundraiser: If you click on this, you’ll be directed to Facebook where a fundraiser has been created by that business and their supporters as well. Businesses will be able to create this button at any given time in the coming days.
  • Order: You’ll be able to order food from your favorite local establishments by clicking on their respective Instagram Stories.
  • Gift Cards: You will be able to directly order gift cards from your favorite local establishments, which is one of the best ways to give back to businesses (guaranteeing them business at a later date and time).

Quick Note: As of April 16, the fundraiser option wasn’t up and running, but should be made available in the coming days. In addition, the “order” and “gift card” buttons are only available in the US and Canada; however, according to Instagram’s post, global offerings should be available soon!

How can you spread the word about this happening? You’re in luck because as long as you have an Instagram account (DUH), you will be able to share all of this on your own Story as well! During these times of being home and not doing as much as you used to, now’s the most perfect of times to be able to support your favorite local spots, while also letting others know about all these hidden gems as well! I mean we all love a good food post in our feeds, right?

Finally, besides being able to make direct donations to these restaurants and doing all of the above, you can always be donating to relief funds as well.

Also: National Guard donating food to those in need during pandemic

Let us know what local spots we should visit and support, and which deserve the most praise  in your local area! 

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