Reign Energy Drinks: Which flavor ranks highest?

What does Reign Energy energy drink offer?

Reign Total Body Fuel has been around for a few years now, and it’s currently one of the top brands of energy drinks out there. There are currently a total of twelve flavors in Reign’s repertoire, and yes, I’ve tried them all.

The best part about Reign Energy, like a lot of up and coming brands of energy drinks now, is that they are calorie and sugar free, making them a much healthier alternative to other energy drinks, as well as some different flavors of soda as well.

Whether you’re into citrus or more candy-like flavors, Reign’s got you covered

Going from the number twelve spot, and all the way to the number one spot, we will be taking a look at all of the different flavors on Reign’s repertoire.

12. Strawberry Sublime

There’s really only one true reason that this flavor is last on my personal list. I am allergic to fresh strawberries, so most things that are artificially-flavored really don’t rank high on my list of anything. Other than that, there’s really nothing wrong with this flavor, I just didn’t like the strawberry all that much.

11. Mango Matic

I’m a big mango girl. Anything mango-flavored is top tier for me; however, while this flavor was still super delicious, I just really couldn’t rank it any higher because I enjoyed the other flavors more. This one is very tropical and tastes more like a mango-flavored candy, rather than an actual mango itself.

10. True Blu (Inferno)

Most recently, Reign came out with their Inferno line, which is basically a super amped up version of their normal energy drinks, that is more of a thermogenic fuel that burns calories and accelerates your metabolism. Overall, this flavor kind of reminded me of a mixed berry type of flavor.

9. Jalapeño Strawberry (Inferno)

First of all, if you’re going to label something as Jalapeño, it better be a little bit spicy at the very least. This one was not. It was more of an earthy or grassy flavor with a hint of berry added to it. Not terrible, but definitely not their best work.

8. Red Dragon (Inferno)

This is the final flavor in Reign’s inferno range, and it was definitely my favorite. It basically tasted like a carbonated version of a cheap fruit punch. It had notes of berries and cherries. This would’ve been even higher up on the list if it had the likes of Hawaiian Punch as a flavor, just sayin’.

7. Carnival Candy

This is Reign’s version of something cotton candy-flavored on their list of flavors. In fact, just about every energy drink brand out there seems to have something cotton candy related. This one was pretty good. Just the right amount of sweetness without making your gums hurt.

6. Peach Fizz

Peach is one of my personal favorite flavors in any type of drink. Trust me, if you love peach-flavored things much like myself, then you will definitely like this particular flavor! The reason it’s 6th on my list is just simply because I enjoyed the other flavors literally just a hair more. This reminds of one of my most favorite candies: Gummy Peach Rings!

5. Lemon HDZ (Heads)

I’m a big lemon fan. This was the very first flavor of Reign that I tried. I can’t remember exactly what it was like, but it tasted like a super lemony version of a classic Sprite mixed with a more milder version of the sour candy of Lemon Heads. All I can say is that if you’re a lemon person much like myself, you’ll truly enjoy this flavor here!

4. Melon Mania

In my personal opinion, this one tastes like you mashed up all the melons into one juice, added some carbonation to it, and called it an energy drink. All in all, this one tastes phenomenal, given why it’s in my top five here! Definitely give this one a go if you love melon-flavored things/drinks alike!

3. Sour Apple

I’ve always been a sour apple flavored kind of gal, which I feel is sometimes in the minority of a lot of people’s flavor-opinion-wise. All in all, this one tasted exactly like the flavor suggests. It honestly takes like a carbonated apple-flavored Jolly Rancher if you were to make it into a drink!

2. Razzle Berry

I’m also a big anything blue-flavored kind of girl. Almost any energy drink brand out there, much like cotton candy, has some sort of blue flavor (Reign so happens to have two here). While they’re all decent, Reign’s version of a blue raspberry-flavored drink was for sure the best. It tasted like a more mild version of a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher.

Taking the cake for all-things Reign energy is…..

1. Orange Dreamsicle

I know some people who are either huge fans of Orange Dreamsicles, and then on the total extreme flip side, I also know some people who down right hate the flavor. I love it personally, and I feel that it tastes almost exactly to a tee of what an orange-vanilla cone or popsicle tastes like. This is the perfect flavor for Summer while sitting or swimming poolside! Try it out for sure!

Overall, Reign is straight up killing it in the energy drink department game here. I didn’t hate a single flavor. There were definitely some that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but overall, Reign is pretty dang delicious!

Overall, I’d give Reign Total Body Fuel a solid 8.1 out of 10!

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If you’ve tried Reign energy drinks, let us know down in the comments below. Which energy drink is your favorite? Do you have a favorite flavor? Tell us all about it.

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