Whisps will pay you $5000 in cash and gifts to eat cheese

Whisps looking for their next ‘Cheese Executive Officer’ to taste new cheeses

Who doesn’t like cheese? It is delicious. Even if you’re vegan, vegan cheese has come so far that it tastes like actual cheese! Well, what if you could actually be paid to eat cheese? Is it possible such a thing exists? Good news, it is! Whisps, the cheese crisp company, is looking for their next “Cheese Executive Officer” (CEO) to join their cheese board.

What does the job entail? You’ll get to quality test their products monthly, help brainstorm new ideas, and be a brand ambassador for the company. But that’s not all! As if most of us wouldn’t take the job just for the cheese testing. You also get curated cheese boards sent to you by Murray’s Cheese or CHEESE WHEELS (I’m sorry but wheels of cheese?? yes, please) from Whisps’ exclusive provider. These are sent quarterly.

You’ll also get to go on an all-expenses paid trip to the World Cheese Championship in 2022. (I’m upset with myself that I didn’t know this was a thing.) You’ll even be trained by a cheesemaker so you know what to look for when testing and evaluating cheese and Whisps products. Additionally, Murray’s Cheese will teach you how to make a charcuterie board like an expert (yum).

Finally, you get a bunch of cheese swag so you can be loud and proud about your love for cheese and you’ll be paid $25 per hour (five hours per month) which is paid as a one time stipend of $1500.

The ‘Cheese Executive Officer’ gets paid a stipend and receives a ton of swag

The application process is from June 24 to July 25, so get in while you can! The winner will be announced on July 30 which happens to be National Wine and Cheese Day. The only thing you need to apply is a love for cheese and you must be 21 years or older.

To apply, you simply need to put in your name, city and state, phone number, and email and then answer a few questions about your love of cheese and why you would be perfect for the job. No resume required!

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Will you be applying to be Whisps next Cheese Executive Officer? Let us know in the comments below!

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