IHOP is now serving Crepes & Cakes Breakfast

Dessert for breakfast? IHOP says yes with the introduction of new Crepes & Cakes

The best and most important meal of the day is breakfast! But this doesn’t mean you should only enjoy the same thing each morning! At IHOP there is always something new happening as the restaurant keeps our taste buds on their toes with new flavors!

Joining the menu are new Crepes & Cakes Breakfast options! Chewboom reports that the new Crepes & Cakes Breakfast features a new pair of crepes that are topped with glazed strawberries and vanilla cream drizzle. Mouthwatering!

Both of these new fluffy buttermilk pancakes are accompanied with two strips of bacon, two pork sausage links, and two pieces of thick-cut ham! And don’t forget two eggs your way as well as hash browns.

New at IHOP: Crepes & Cakes Breakfast

How much will this set you back? Only $13.69 for this deliciousness! Well worth it, if you ask me!  Additionally, participating locations have also welcomed the new French Creme Brulee Pancakes!

They are as delicious as they sound. A full-stack includes four pancakes layered with vanilla Creme Brulee custard cream caramelized sugar crystals and is crowned with whipped topping. Get them for $9.99 or have them as a side order (which will include two) for $5.99.

Will you be going to your local IHOP this weekend to order Crepes & Cakes Breakfast or the French Creme Brulee Pancakes? 

Which menu item from IHOP is your ultimate favorite? With summer now here, you can expect to see some more new releases. Perhaps a new fresh smoothie? We’ll keep you posted!

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