Coolhaus Ice Cream’s EnjoyMINT For All is a delicious celebration of Pride

Want to try a new flavor of ice cream that celebrates a great cause? Try CoolHaus!

CoolHaus ice cream is a fantastic ice cream and frozen treats company that is run by women and parts of the LGBTQ+ community. They have figured out the perfect way to celebrate Pride (not just this month, but any month) by releasing a brand new flavor for all to enjoy (yes, even for those with dairy sensitivities or allergies)!

CoolHaus’ newest flavor is called EnjoyMINT For All, and the pint itself is full of all-things rainbow, and just overall a super cool packaging idea!

CoolHaus EnjoyMINT For All is super delicious, but what’s in it?

CoolHaus’ brand new flavor of ice cream is obviously based on a minty flavor; however, here’s everything else that’s in it and inside of these deliciously colorful pints:

  • Decadent dairy-free peppermint ice cream base
  • Chocolate cookie crumbles
  • Gooey purple marshmallows

Not only was the ice cream super creamy and delicious all while being dairy-free, the company also sent some supplies to make an ice cream float, which I shared on Instagram (check it out here), in order to make our own little parade ‘float’ since most Pride parades had since been cancelled.

On top of this amazing flavor, CoolHaus also has quite the lineup of unique flavors as their website suggests! Here are just a few of those that they so happen to offer up:

  • Milk & Cookie Crumb
  • Cereal Dreams
  • Street Cart Churro Dough
  • Milkshake & Fries
  • Hey Cupcake
  • Aunt Gladys Yellow Cake Batter
  • Dirty Mint Chip

Beyond pints of ice cream, you can get some other frozen treats, such as their ever so popular ice cream sandwiches! In addition, you can go ahead and check out their website and build your own 6 or 12 pack of your favorite pints, or pints that you’d like to try and give them a true whirl!

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If you’ve tried any CoolHaus products before, be sure to let us know down in the comments below! What’s the all-time best flavor of ice cream ever? Let’s debate!


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