What Krispy Kreme donut are you based on your zodiac sign?

What Krispy Kreme donut matches your zodiac?

Picking a donut can be challenging. With so many amazing, delicious options, how do you pick just one? Krispy Kreme has a solution with their latest post on Instagram. They’ve matched one of their donuts with each zodiac sign. But does your sign’s donut fit with your tastes?

Based on my sign alone, I thoroughly endorse this chart. I’m a Cancer and I will take as many Original Glazed donuts as possible. Especially if they’re warm. *drools* But I could see some other people not being thrilled with their selection.

I’m sure there are Scorpios that would love a cake batter donut but that doesn’t seem to fit what that sign is known for. Fierceness, mystery, and more than a little bit of bite don’t scream cake batter.

The Pisces choice doesn’t seem to really fit either. Something as basic as a chocolate iced glazed donut for one of the more artistic signs?? They deserve  something better than that! Do better for my fellow water signs!

Krispy Kreme posts donut zodiac chart on their Instagram

And what does a Glazed Blueberry Cake donut say about Sagittarius? It could represent their independence and free-thinking, but it’s also not the most imaginative donut that Krispy Kreme offers either.

There are also a couple that I’m a little jealous of. I love a donut with sprinkles. It’s never not fun and delicious, so I wouldn’t mind being a Gemini for once. I’m also quite jealous of Libras, A lemon-filled glazed donut? Yes, please!

Whether you’re happy with what donut is matched up with your zodiac or not, it’s up to you to choose what donut speaks to you (and your taste buds) the most. If you like a classic glazed or a cookies and cream or a donut topped in an explosion of sprinkles, go for it!  Thank goodness for free-will!

Does your zodiac sign match your favorite donut? Let us know in the comments below!