8 fun facts about some of your favorite snacks: Oreos, Pringles and more

Let’s dig into some fun facts about some of your favorite snacks, including Oreos and Krispy Kreme

It’s pretty safe to say that the only thing more delicious and fascinating about some of your favorite snacks is all of the fun and interesting facts that we found out about them! Some things that we’ve learned are pretty interesting, to say the least. Some of these facts that follow may surprise you, others you may already know.

Whether you’re familiar with these facts or not, it’s still something cool to know about. I feel like there’s always some deeper facts and knowledge about food that we don’t know the secrets behind, so that’s always fun to hear all about.

Ready to learn fun facts about some of your favorite snacks?

1. Jif Peanut Butter: Since last year, over 5.5 billion pounds of peanuts were grown in the United States. Out of all of those peanuts, just around 10% of them ended up in jars of Jif peanut butter.

2. Chex Mix: In 1985, Ralston Purina first introduced the brand and snack, Chex Mix. And in case the last name of ‘Purina’ sounds familiar, you’re right because it’s the same ‘Purina’ that still sells dog food to this day.

3. Krispy Kreme Donuts: Love the classic glazed donut from this donut joint and want to make it at home for yourself? Good luck because this recipe is under very strict lock and key. Shhh…

4. Oreos: The ratio of chocolate cookies to creme filling is always perfectly the same, and that ratio goes as follows: 71% to 29% (yes, without fail every single time).

5. Doritos: The origin of this delicious chip’s name comes from the word ‘Doradito’, which means ‘little bits of gold’. Obviously speaking, Doritos are clearly more precious and special than we originally thought that they were here!

6. Pringles: The cool man who created Pringles had a very special, unique, and slightly strange request for when his unfortunate time came. Given that he wanted to be cremated, he had requested that his (surviving) children bury at least part of his ashes inside of a Pringle’s can, and much to his wishes, they were fully fulfilled.

7. Ben & Jerry’s: I’m officially jealous of absolutely anyone who gets to work for this amazing company. Wanna know why? Every day, employees get to take home up to 3 whole pints of ice cream! Whaaatt?!

8. Maruchan Ramen Noodle Packets: As much as we think that Ramen noodles were created to help college students eat and afford cheap meals, it was actually created for something more practical. They (ramen noodles) were initially invented to fulfill the demand for this fan-favorite soup during World War I food shortages in Japan.

If you’ve got a favorite snack, let us know all about it down in the comments below and we’ll see if we can dig up a pretty cool fact about it!

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