Great British Bake Off winners: Where are they now?

The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix
The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Where are the winners of the Great British Bake Off now?

There have been ten seasons of the Great British Bake Off and that means ten amazing bakers have won the title of the best baker in Britain. But what have they been doing since?

Apparently, they’ve not been resting on their laurels. All of them have continued to do amazing things. Let’s check in on each one:

Season 1

The first winner of the series, Edd Kimber, has published three cookbooks, Say It With Cake, The Boy Who Bakes, and Patisserie Made Simple, and has his own cake blog. He also used to be the resident baker on the Alan Titchmarsh Show and has written about baking for quite a few newspapers and magazines.

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Season 2

The second winner, Jo Wheatley, has published two cookbooks since winning the reality baking show, A Passion for Baking and Home Baking. She also runs a cooking school and has written articles for a ton of newspapers and magazines.

Season 3

John Waite, season 3’s winner, went on to major in patisserie in school and opened his own cooking school in Lancashire. He also published his fourth cookbook in 2017 and is a co-host on Britain’s Chopping Block. Clearly, he did not waste the opportunities he got from the show!

Almost all the winners of the Great British Bake Off quit their job after the win

Season 4

Season 4’s winner, Frances Quinn, published her first cookbook, Quintessential Baking, in 2015 and has gained quite a few famous clients to her cake business, including the Wimbledon Championships and Jools Holland. She also happens to be an ambassador for the Cream Tea Society which might be the most British thing I will ever write.

Season 5

The first season I ever saw was season 5 and the winner was Nancy Birtwhistle. She was already retired when she went on the show, but now she writes for The Daily Telegraph, has her own baking website, and travels around the country showing off her baking skills. She also published a cookbook, Sizzle and Drizzle, in 2019.

Season 6

Probably the baker that everyone remembers the most is season 6’s Nadiya Hussain. After winning, she made the cake for the Queen’s 90th birthday and was a reporter and panelist on One Show and Loose Women, respectively. She’s also published multiple cookbooks and even has a novel out, The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters, with more books on the way soon.

But that’s not even half of what she’s done since the show. She’s also become a TV food judge herself and has appeared on Junior Bake Off, and has starred in a couple of her own television shows including The Chronicles of Nadiya, Nadiya’s British Food Adventures, and even hosted Big Family Cooking Showdown. Her latest show is Nadiya Bakes which is set to air later this year.

Season 7

Candice Brown, season 7’s winner, was a PE teacher but quit her job to focus on baking full-time. She also came out with her first cookbook, Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats, and in 2019 was on Dancing on Ice.

Season 8

Season 8’s winner, Sophie Faldo, hasn’t done as much as she did before the show (she was a ballerina, a surveillance consultant, and won a bronze medal at the British Rowing Championship), but her accomplishments since have not been small either. She created a cake for the HMS Belfast and set up her own cake company, Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes.

Season 9

One of the most anxious bakers the show has ever seen and the winner of season 9, Rahul Mandal, has since written for The Times Magazine and occasionally is a guest on ITV’s This Morning. He is one of the only winners to not quit his job as he has continued his career as an engineering researcher.

Season 10

The most recent winner of the Great British Bake Off, David Atherton, was originally not even supposed to be on the show. He was on the waiting list, but when another contestant had to leave, he was called up to replace them.

Since winning, he has written for The Guardian and had his first cookbook literally called My First Cookbook, come out in August.

Who will win the newest season of Great British Bake Off? And what will they do once they are crowned winner? While the contestant and judges know, we’ll have to wait for season 11 to find out.

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