The Great British Baking Show judges picked wrong person to go home this week

The Great British Baking Show judges picked wrong person to go home

Episode 2 of collection 8 of The Great British Baking Show is out on Netflix for those of us in the US and it was all about biscuits this week (or cookies for us). The show started off, as always, with the signature challenge and this time the bakers had to make florentines.

I admit I may or may not have drooled through this whole section. All the florentines, even the “bad” ones, looked delicious and I might have to actually try and bake them. Yum. But moving on… they went into the technical challenge next where they had to figure out how to make Prue’s recipe for filled macaroons. I had never seen this type of macaroon before and once again, I really want to make them!

This, of course, led to the showstopper challenge where the bakers had to make a creation completely made of biscuits.  As someone who has tried and failed to make gingerbread houses every year, the fact that some of these were successful and all of them at least stood up on their own is no small miracle to me.

But then the judges made their decision and this week, they were entirely wrong. This week’s Star Baker was Dave which is totally valid and correct. He made some amazing stuff. The person that went home was Mak which is possibly the worst decision Paul and Prue have ever made. It should have been Rowan.

Rowan should have gone home on The Great British Baking Show

Why? Because while Mak didn’t do great this week, he actually listens to the judges’ critiques. Rowan has shown time and time again that he does not take their criticism to heart. Sure, he has great ideas, but he has yet to execute one fully.

The judges even mentioned it at least twice during this episode. They told him to stop making his ideas so complicated but did he listen? NO. He should have gone home and Mak should have stayed for another week to show them that he can do more.

Will this wrongness stop me from watching the show? No, but I hope either Rowan actually listens to Paul and Prue next week or he gets sent home.

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What do you think of Paul and Prue’s decision on this week of The Great British Baking Show? Let us know in the comments below!