The Great British Baking Show: It’s bread week and it fell a bit flat

The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix
The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Bread week on The Great British Baking Show fell a little flat

This week’s The Great British Baking Show was all about bread and Paul Hollywood was smirking and slyly making people question every decision they’ve ever made (like usual). The best part was probably when new host, Matt Lucas, asked if bread really needs to have that much flavor and Paul looked like he might smack him.

But onto the contestants and the challenges!  While the signature challenge was definitely where the contestants showed what they can do, the technical and the showstopper was all kinds of chaos.

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The signature was all about soda bread and quite a few of the contestants made some delicious-sounding (and looking) bread. They had to make two loaves: a savory and a sweet. A lot of bakers chose cheese, sausage, or some type of herb for their savory and fruit and chocolate for their sweet.

Bread week on The Great British Baking Show included soda bread and rainbow bagels

Most of them did fine, although while Peter’s gluten-free baking has done well in the past, his bread was not good this time. It came out very crumbly.

Onto the technical! When they announced that the bakers were going to have to make rainbow bagels, I laughed because making bagels would be hard enough, but making bagels with multiple colors in each one…yeah, not exactly easy!

Not many of the bakers made them perfectly, but based on the judges’ reactions, they all at least tasted good. Rowan (who should have gone home last week) had probably the worst ones as they were both underproved and underbaked. Linda ended up coming in first with her bagels.

Finally, for the showstopper, the bakers had to create a bread plaque that represented something they’re grateful for. While some of them looked amazing, let’s just say very few of them were spot-on perfect. Rowan did finally finish something that looked beautiful but the taste wasn’t there at all.

Overall, the challenge can be summarized best by Paul Hollywood. At the judges’ table, Paul said “the standard wasn’t particularly good.” Yikes.

That being said, Marc E. totally deserved Star Baker this week. He did a brilliant job on all his bakes and overall showed the best work. As for who went home (you can probably guess), it was Rowan.

Based on his performance this week, it’s even clearer that he should have gone home last week. If you can’t listen and incorporate the constructive criticism from the judges, what are you doing there?

While there have been better bread weeks on The Great British Baking Show in the past, it was still fun to watch them all create amazing (and delicious-looking) creations. I’m also loving the dynamic between Noel and Matt. While I would prefer there to be at least one woman hosting, they work quite well together.

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