New iOS emojis inspire some New Amsterdam cocktails

New Amsterdam Vodka's That Cinnanut Dude. Image courtesy New Amsterdam Vodka
New Amsterdam Vodka's That Cinnanut Dude. Image courtesy New Amsterdam Vodka /

New Amsterdam creates cocktail recipes inspired by new iOS emojis

It’s time for cuffing season to begin soon, and in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, cuffing season is when single people begin to look for relationships on the temporary side of things, in order to help the colder months pass by. Indeed, this special time of year lasts from October to right around or after Valentine’s Day.

Even with the current state of the world and the global pandemic, cuffing season is still happening, even if it has to be virtual this year. Luckily for all the singles out there, New Amsterdam is wanting to help you step up your dating game with some pick-up lines that coincide with some brand new iOS emojis that will be here shortly.

Here are the pickup lines that don’t go with a cocktail, but are still mention-worthy, coming to you straight from New Amsterdam:

  • “Don’t go breaking my heart” (w/ the new anatomical heart emoji)
  • “Let’s take the plunge” (w/ the new plunger emoji)

If these pickup lines don’t interest you or inspire you enough to impress your new dates during cuffing season, then keep clicking to see some more that have spicy and elements to them to help spice up your life and your drinks!

These New Amsterdam cocktails will spice up your (dating) lives

1. Screwdriver – Screwdriver Emoji

Pickup Line: “Screw the cold, let’s grab a drink tonight!”

Name of the Cocktail: SCREW (THE COLD) DRIVER

Here’s how to make this delicious cocktail to help you beat the cold and get ready for the heat!

Ingredients: 2oz. New Amsterdam Vodka, 4 oz. Orange Juice, Orange Slice Garnish

Instructions: Add ingredients into a Collins glass (filled with ice) and stir together until combined and chill. Garnish with an orange slice.

For this one, since the cocktail itself has to be chilled, as a little tip and trick here, try freezing your glasses ahead of time for an even cooler cocktail in more ways than one!

2. Blueberry Cocktail – Blueberries Emoji

Pickup Line: “I’m blue without you.” (BONUS for Andriod users)

Name of the Cocktail: BLUE(BERRY) WITHOUT YOU

Here’s how to make this delicious cocktail to help you chase those dang and lonely blues away!

Ingredients: 1.5 oz. New Amsterdam Vodka, 5-6 Muddled Blueberries, Sparkling Coconut Water, Basil & Blueberries Garnish

Instructions: Add your blueberries to the bottom of a double old fashioned rocks glass, and gently muddle. Fill with crushed ice, and top with New Amsterdam Vodka and fill with some of your own personal favorite Sparkling Coconut Water. Garnish with basil and blueberries!

For this one, as an added bonus and elevation, trying freezing your blueberries and basil to help keep the cocktail cool and right in tune with the cold season ahead of us all!

3. Spicy Cocktail – Bell Pepper and *New* Tear Emoji

Pickup Line: “You look hot and spicy in your pic.”

Name of the Cocktail: SPICY MARY BELL

Here’s how to make this delicious cocktail to help you add some heat to your love life and drinks!

Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Bell Pepper-Infused New Amsterdam Vodka, Spicy Bloody Mark Mix (of your choice), Garnish w/ Black Pepper & Sea Salt Rimmed Glass/Bell Pepper, Peppered Bacon, Bell Pepper Ring

Instructions: Add assorted strips of bell peppers into a bottle of New Amsterdam Vodka, and store in a cool & dark place for a total time of one week in order to properly infuse. Add ingredients into an ice-filled glass/hollow bell pepper rimmed with black pepper/sea salt mix, and stir together until combined. Chill. Garnish with the above directions and ingredients as listed.

For this one, if you’re a fan of peppers, make sure to make this one uniquely your own and add in a beautiful rainbow array of bell peppers by adding some red, some orange, some yellow, and some green!

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Do any of these specialty cocktails interest you? What’s gets you or your single friends through cuffing season? Let us know down in the comments below!