Jimmy John’s is testing a new Cobb Salad Sandwich

Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's /

If you live in Arizona and frequent your local Jimmy John’s sandwich shop then you may have seen a new test item on the menu.

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Jimmy John’s is best known for their sandwiches. You can smell them a mile away and have been known to cause an early lunch in more than one workplace since they went into the sandwich business in 1983.

However, salads and Jimmy John’s just sounds weird. No one really wants a salad for lunch, dinner or any meal really. If you are saying to yourself “But … but I love salads,” you’re lying to yourself. No one except rabbits like to eat lettuce for lunch.

Anyway, Jimmy John’s has figured out a way for you to have your salad and eat it too. If you live in the Arizona area and head to one of the eateries you may have been lucky enough to spot the new sandwich item they have been testing out.

Jimmy John’s introduces the Cobb Salad Sandwich

It is being reported by Chewboom that Jimmy John’s is currently testing a Cobb Salad Sandwich in select stores. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s essentially a Cobb salad in a sandwich form.

The Jimmy John’s Cobb Salad Sandwich includes turkey, ham, bacon (everything’s better with bacon), hard boiled egg, blue cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo and balsamic fig glaze and your choice of roll. Even if you’re not a salad person, you have to admit that sounds pretty good.

It is currently unknown if they plan to roll the new item out nationwide but if they do, you will read all about it right here. Until then, if you live in Arizona, go grab a Cobb Salad sandwich and let them know they rest of us want to try one.

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Any thoughts Guilty Eats Nation? Does a Cobb Salad sandwich from Jimmy John’s sound like something you would want to try? Leave a comment below and let us know.