The Great British Baking Show season 11, episode 9: Everything is a mess

The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix
The Great British Baking Show - Collection 6. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Patisserie week was a mess on The Great British Baking Show

Besides being Patisserie week, it was also the semi-finals on this episode of The Great British Baking Show. With only four bakers left, they had to step up their game if they wanted to make it to the finale. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for at least two of the bakers this week. It was a metaphorical and literal mess.

Let’s start with the signature challenge! This week the bakers had to make their take on a savarin which is a yeast cake that’s soaked in syrup and usually includes some kind of alcohol. Most of the bakers did pretty well. Peter was definitely the stand out with his non-alcoholic savarins but while Laura’s tasted good, they weren’t the most pristine and Hermine’s were under-proved.

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On to the technical challenge! The bakers had to make a Danish cornucopia. This was Paul Hollywood’s choice and if you didn’t already know he was evil, you’d know after this challenge.

The cornucopia consists of crisp cookies filled with almond paste that are then glued together with caramel to look like a horn. I honestly started laughing when they introduced it.

Patisserie week was not easy for the bakers on The Great British Baking Show

Hermine was the only one to create the correct horn shape but since her’s wasn’t baked properly, Peter ended up coming in first. Laura had a bit of a breakdown but with this challenge, who can blame her?

The showstopper challenge had the bakers making cube cakes which consist of small cubes of cake that are put together to make a beautiful Rubik’s cube-like creation. Peter and Dave’s cakes were amazing. Peter made three different cakes, three different mousses, and three different glazes and despite the odds, it turned out amazing. Dave’s cake was an ode to chocolate and looked like it could’ve been in a fancy bakery.

Hermine and Laura…did not have a good time during this challenge. Hermine ended up doing a recipe she hadn’t practiced and it was pretty much a disaster as soon as she started. Laura’s mirror glaze wasn’t thick enough and made her whole cake look like a mess. Laura’s cakes did end up tasting good but Hermine was not that lucky which is probably why she went home this week. Peter ended up getting Star Baker (no surprise there with three solid rounds under his belt).

Next week is the finale and with three bakers who have all struggled at some point during the competition, it could be any one of them. It all depends on how they do on the final episode. The final episode of the season hits Netflix on Friday, Nov 27.

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