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Prepara Herb Saver Pod
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Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0 ($29.95)

These pods help triple the life of fresh herbs. The pods have a clear, hard-shell window that protects leaves from being crushed in the fridge and also lets you see what’s inside. The pods let herbs breathe at optimal hydration levels.

If I had a place to grow herbs, I would. But I don’t, and so I’m always buying bunches at the grocery to use in a single dish. If I don’t make the effort to preserve them (process them into a paste and freeze in an ice cube tray for “fresh” frozen herb bricks or, in the case of mint and rosemary, leaving them out to dry), after a few days I’ll be sadly tossing out the limp and/or rotting remainders. To keep herbs fresh for more than 2 days, I’ve tried wrapping them in a barely damp paper towel and storing in the vegetable bin, or standing the bunch in a jar with a bit of water and covering with a plastic bag to make a “greenhouse”. Both have proven pretty iffy. So when I saw these pods, I was ready to give them a shot, even if I doubted they’d work. When I unpacked them, I found my self nursing a spark of hope — probably because they look so much like the astronaut cryo pods in every space movie ever made 🙂 I tested them out on leftover bunches of basil and asparagus. Four days later, I used a few of the asparagus — which looked fresh as they had on day 1; the basil also still looked great. The basil made it through a full week, which is a record in my house. And the asparagus are miraculous — still firm and fresh after 10 days. I’m thrilled to pieces! I expect results to vary, of course but, based on these 2 tests, I’m ready to say that these pods are miles better than anything else I’ve tried — and I’m already recommending them to friends.” — Lori

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