Cheetos gives us a new snack mix to love with the arrival of their Crunch Pop Mix

Photo: Cheetos pops back into Super Bowl with "It’s a Cheetos Thing" campaign.. Image Courtesy Cheetos
Photo: Cheetos pops back into Super Bowl with "It’s a Cheetos Thing" campaign.. Image Courtesy Cheetos /

Cheetos is bringing their own snack mix to the market

Cheetos is looking to make their mark in the world of snack mixes. And what better way to do that than with their new Crunch Pop Mix! So move over Chex Mix, there is a new must have mix for us to snack on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chex Mix. But I am also a major fan of Cheetos. They are my go to when it comes to the chip aisle. And finding out that they were going to be introducing their own snack mix is the kind of exciting snacking news I am here for. However, you might be wondering exactly what their new Crunch Pop Mix even is. Luckily, we have the answer.

Introducing new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix

Basically, this snack mix is two of our favorite things – Crunchy Cheetos and Cheetos Popcorn. (After they introduced their Popcorn at the start of 2020, it became a guilty favorite.) For cheddar lovers, this is snacking done right and crunchy! And once you grab a handful of this snack mix, you’ll never want to go back.

Not only can you expect the cheddar cheesy fingers you get from snacking on regular cheetos, but you also get that light fluffy popcorn thrown into the mix. It’s a win-win situation all around.

This is the perfect choice for cheddar lovers, Cheetos lovers, and popcorn fans. And after everything that happened in 2020, we can’t imagine not wanting a little joy in the form of delicious snacks.

According to the press release from the company about this new Crunch Pop Mix, this is “unlike any ordinary snack mix.” And we would have to agree. This is the kind of snack that not only should come with an advisory, but actually does. So what is that advisory warning? Just that it has the possibility of being snatched by other cheddar coated fingers of course.

Dropping in stores now, this might just become your new favorite snack mix. And with it being available in two size, a 7 oz. bag and a 2.25 oz bag, you can snack on the go or at home.

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Are you excited for a new snack mix? Will you be trying the new Crunch Pop Mix? Tell us in the comments below.