Talenti starts 2021 by giving us six new desserts to indulge in

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Talenti drops six new decadent flavors to start 2021

Looking for a bit of decadence in your dessert? Then look no further than Talenti and their newest indulgent dessert offerings.

As one of the best-selling lines of Gelato in the United States, Talenti has a lot to live up to. And every single time they give us a new flavor or dessert, they deliver. This time is no different, as the brand is giving us four new flavors for their Layers lineup, as well as two new core flavors for the standard Gelato.

All in all, they are making sure that we have six new desserts to indulge in as we really begin 2021. Plus, the fact that they now have 15 flavors in their Layers line (thanks to the addition of these new flavors) means that there really is something for every sweet tooth.

Talenti drops six new flavors into our freezers

So what are the new flavors that we are going to be enjoying all year long?

  • Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers – This flavor starts off with the help of the classic vanilla gelato and then layers in pieces of vanilla cookie, as well as rainbow sprinkles and a pink frosting. (It’s ridiculously pretty!)
  • Strawberry Shortcake Gelato Layers – For this dessert, we get five layers of strawberry gelato, as well as pieces of shortbread and a tart sauce of strawberry and rhubarb.
  • Cookies and Cream Gelato Layers – For this layered dessert we actually get two delicious gelatos to bring the layers to the next level. This time we get both vanilla gelato and cookies & cream gelato, as well as the brand’s signature dulce de leche. There are also cookie crumbs and actual pieces of cookie in this layered gelato, making it a masterpiece in every jar.
  • Chocolate Pretzel Gelato Layers – This layered dessert combines both a vanilla gelato and a salty pretzel flavored gelato, along with pieces of crunchy waffle cones and even a salted pretzel sauce. (This is a pretzel lover’s delight!)
  • Honey Graham – This new core gelato starts off with a vanilla base that then gets a drizzle of wildflower honey. Pieces of golden graham crackers are mixed into the jar to give this new flavor a lovely crunch.
  • Peanut Butter Vanilla Swirl – The name says it all, as this gelato features a base of vanilla with a roasted peanut butter swirled into the mix. However, to add to the flavor profile, they also added in mini peanut butter cups to make this a much just try for peanut butter lovers.

With these six flavors, it really feels like Talenti is going all out to give us everything we could have hoped for in a frozen dessert and so much more. And we can’t wait to kick back with every single one of these flavors while binge watching shows on Netflix.

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Which of these flavors are you the most excited to try? Will you be trying all six new flavors or is there one in particular that you plan to snag? Tell us in the comments below.