Breyers brings frozen dessert magic to 2021 with 10 new releases

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Breyers is making dessert magic happen to start 2021

Breyers is kicking 2021 off in style with the arrival of not one, not two, but 10 new releases! From twists on the classic to dairy free options, there is something for everyone who love ice cream and frozen desserts.

If ever there was a time to pick up ice cream, it would absolutely be now. Honestly, there is never a bad time to have a frozen treat on hand, and Breyers is making it easy to find what you love and enjoy.

Not only are they giving us an impressive 10 new treats to enjoy, but they are making it so there are options for everyone. We are talking about them expanding their non-dairy options with the help of two new flavors, and getting CarbSmart with the arrival of three more carb conscious options as well, as as a new size for their CarbSmart Vanilla.

Breyers indulges our sweet tooth with 10 new desserts

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So you might be wondering what all we can expect from Breyers over the next two months? Well, you are in luck my fellow ice cream lover. We have the answers and we are just as excited as you are!

Here are all 10 of the items being added to the frozen dessert aisles to kick off 2021:

  • Breyers Reese’s Peanut Butter Snack Cups – This joins the other decadent desserts in the Reese’s lineup, and gives us even more peanut buttery goodness to enjoy.
  • Breyers Chocolate Pretzel Swirl – Chocolate ice cream with pieces of pretzel swirled into the mix? Yes, please!
  • Double Chocolate Brownie Batter – It’s a chocolate on chocolate explosion of icy goodness for brownie lovers when you try this frozen dessert.
  • Breyers Coconut Fudge Breeze – Here we have a seasonal offering that combines a coconut base with shredded coconut and swirls of fudge. The idea itself calls to mind macaroons or even Caramel Delights from the Girl Scouts so I am here for this one.
  • Non-Dairy Mint Chocolate Chip – Need to avoid dairy? Then this almond milk based mint chocolate chip dessert is here to make your dessert dreams come true.
  • Non-Dairy Chocolate Chocolate Chip – Chocolate lovers can still enjoy their favorite flavor, without the dairy.
  • CarbSmart Chocolate Chocolate Chip – Less carbs in every bite of CarbSmart ice cream make it the perfect choice for those looking to be a bit more health conscious. And yet you still get to enjoy the magic of chocolate on chocolate! It’s a win-win.
  • CarbSmart Mint Chip – It’s the magic of mint in a carb-friendly ice cream.
  • CarbSmart Coffee Cookie Crunch – Coffee and cookies? Count us in. And the fact that it is carb-friendly makes this dessert even more impressive.
  • CarbSmart Vanilla – While this is not a new flavor, it does get a new size, as this can now be found in a pint!

When it comes to decadent desserts and a nice variety of flavors, Breyers has been treating us right for decades. And with the way they are kicking off 2021, it looks like they have no intentions of slowing down when it comes to giving us all the dessert options we could ever want or need.

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Are you a fan of Breyers ice cream? Do you have a favorite flavor? Will you be trying any of their new and upcoming releases? Tell us in the comments.