Auntie Anne’s is making lunch happen with two new rollups

Auntie Anne's releases new Pretzel Rollups. Image courtesy of Auntie Anne's.
Auntie Anne's releases new Pretzel Rollups. Image courtesy of Auntie Anne's. /

Looking to make lunch special for a change? Then you are going to want to check out the newest offerings from Auntie Anne’s. In fact, they are making magic happen with the addition of two new rollups perfect for a savory lunch.

If there is one thing we love, it is a quick and easy snack or meal during the busiest part of our day. But often times getting something quick and easy usually means limiting what we can get our hands on. However, Auntie Anne’s is changing all of that for the next few months.

According to a press email from the company, from now until April 25, we can grab lunch with the help of Auntie Anne’s new Pretzel Rollups! Available in two flavors, these rollups are a chance to change things up during lunchtime.

Available in Bacon & Cheddar and Turkey & Cheddar, these Pretzel rollups give us a quick and easy meal that is also delicious.

Auntie Anne’s is shaking up the lunch game with new Pretzel Rollups

As someone who is already a major fan of all things Auntie Anne’s, this was exciting news. I love a good Pretzel Dog, and now if you are not in the mood for a hot dog, you basically get the perfect sandwich wrapped up in a pretzel. It sounds like a win-win to me.

Of course, Auntie Anne’s didn’t stop there. On top of offering these two amazing Pretzel Rollups as a way to bring a little flavor to our lunch time, they are also offering a special for people who order them through the Pretzel Perks app.

  • From 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. local time, place an order for two Pretzel Rollups and get them for just $6.

Whether you pick them up yourself or have them delivered, this is not only a delicious lunch deal, but it also a great opportunity to add a little something special to your lunch time options. After all, the usual can get boring, so why not try something a little more unusual.

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Are you a fan of Auntie Anne’s? Will you be giving their Pretzel Rollups a try? Do you want to see more flavors added to the Rollups lineup? Tell us in the comments.