Mochi is the ice cream of Spring and with My/Mochi you get a wide range of must try flavors

Mochi Charcuterie display. Image courtesy of My/Mochi Ice Cream
Mochi Charcuterie display. Image courtesy of My/Mochi Ice Cream /

When it comes to sweet treats, there is something special about ice cream. From its ability to create memories to its ability to satisfy our sweet tooth, ice cream is a feel-good treat. And with Mochi, not only can you enjoy bite size bits of goodness, but the fact that they come in a wide-range of flavors makes it an even more amazing treat this Spring.

Recently I discovered My/Mochi, a boxed version of the sweet treat that I typically find at my favorite Japanese restaurants or even at the self-serve sweets section of Whole Foods. And I have to admit that I fell in love.

My/Mochi offers us a variety of flavors that are absolutely perfect for every ice cream lover. I am talking about everything from the classics like Strawberry and Double Chocolate to Banana Chocolate Cream and Green Tea.

But what exactly is Mochi? And why is it the must-have ice cream treat of Spring 2021 (at least in our book)?

My/Mochi is bringing the flavor for those of us who love the sweet treat that is Mochi

For anyone unfamiliar with Mochi it is basically a ball of ice cream that has been wrapped in a sweet rice dough. Often times, the rice dough features the same flavor as that found inside. It is a pillowy creation that adds a unique texture to the entire ice cream eating experience.

Basically it makes it easy to eat the ice cream without needing anything more than your fingers and that is always fun. And considering 2021 is just a continuation of 2020, it just makes sense that we would want a little bit of fun and easy when it comes to enjoying a sweet treat. (Also it is delicious!)

With My/Mochi, we are getting so much more than just an ice cream treat, you’re getting an experience! And that’s not all. There are non-dairy options to choose from, five flavors specifically for those of us who need to avoid the dairy, including Salted Caramel, Strawberry, and Neapolitan. And every Mochi ball is 100 calories (although the Mint Chocolate Chip is actually 110 calories).

So where can you snag a box of these little balls of goodness? Not only can you buy right online, but your regular grocery store should have them as well. We have seen My/Mochi is places such as Publix, Winn Dixie, Tom Thumb, Kroger, and Target, to name a few.

If you want to enjoy something new and different, then My/Mochi is the way to go. And if you are already a fan of Mochi, then this is a great way to keep some in your freezer for whenever you want that little pick me up.

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Are you a fan of Mochi? If you have never tried it (and even if you are a fan), will you be trying these from your freezer section? Which flavor will you be grabbing to try and will you give their non-dairy line a chance as well? Tell us in the comments below.